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Extraterrestrial Life Form Visited Ancient Civilization

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Civilisation is started a long time ago. it was started roughly 5000 years ago during the bronze age. the first and famous civilisations are Mesopotamia , Ancient Egypt and Xia Dynasty. E.T which actually stands for Extraterrestrial by means are coming from out of the earth and its atmosphere. Many people believes Extraterrestrial life form it is just a myth or an urban legend, because of many movies use Extraterrestrial as a subject in the movie. Many people didn’t notice that legacy that ancient civilization left were actually imply that they were helped by Extraterrestrial life form,. For example in a peculiar ancient drawing that was found inside a cave, located in Kimberly Mountain, ...view middle of the document...

In the Pacal’s sarcophagus, carved a picture of Pacal on a certain monument. Pakal’s sarcophagus lid appears a picture of a man flying a rocket ship. on the bottom part of the rocket, there was fire shooting from it. Pacal is depicted bend over vertically and his hand holding some kind of gear shifter and his nose appears that he was using masked oxygen. Second is the the ancient aeroplane model that was found in Saqqara’s tomb. the model made from wood and shaped like an aeroplane. however, the leading archaeologist believe this was a model of a bird. even though he believes in that theory, he also founded that the bird has lost attachment in the tail, the elevation wings. this creates a controversial whether this was just an ordinary relics, or an early prototype of aeroplane that we have known. the theory of an early prototype of aeroplane is strongly supported by the founding of exact same aeroplane model but made of gold and having a elevation tail.

Second there are some stories that has been told is also refers to extraterrestrial life form intervention on human civilization.Several archaeologists believe that this is just a merely story and legends. several stories that believes not only available in one civilization, but there are several civilisations from different continent also having such stories. first, the story of Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita, describes an ancient war in India was actually using an atomic bomb which they called it a Brahma Weapon. The weapon described as a weapon of the gods, and also it brighter than a thousand suns. after it exploded, the people were burned, structure destroyed and leaving an after effect. After the Brahma weapon exploded, the city nears the explosion is suffering a minor headache, the lost of hair and nails and leads to death. this symptoms that described on Mahabharata is very similar of radiation toxication. The ancient astronauts thereologist believes that such war is actually happened in Indus Valley, Pakistan. A small abandoned town in Indus Valley called Mohenjo Daro, founded traces...

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