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Extraterrestrials And Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Essay

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The great pyramids of Giza-the last of the 7 wonders of the world still standing to this day. How these marvels of construction came to be has been a mystery for many. It has boggled the minds of even scholars, so much so that they have amassed numerous theories as to how these behemoths of ancient structures were built. Many have come to the conclusion that the challenge of building the great pyramids was far too much for the humans of that time to accomplish. The conclusion many have come to is that man was not alone when building the pyramids, but rather amongst extraterrestrials who implemented advanced technology and knowledge. However, even though this theory of ancient astronauts is ...view middle of the document...

However, this statement that the chances of alien intervention was a high possibility is misleading, for the basis as to which many come to this conclusion is based off of many disputed variables which can favor either side of the argument. The chances of extraterrestrial life, let alone extraterrestrial contact and extraterrestrial intervention, within the milky way galaxy is rather low. With the possibility of aliens even existing within a travelable distance near our home planet being a low probability, it makes the foundation of the ancient astronaut theory unstable, making any points made by ancient astronaut theorists not viable. The problem with the Drake equation is that many variables are debatable as to what value they should have, especially the variable L (The length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.) It is debated so much that it gives the possibility of their being tens of thousands of planets within our milky way galaxy, to there being absolutely none containing intelligent civilizations.(Harris William)Therefore the Drake equation is not (yet) a viable source for determining the possibility of aliens within our galaxy.Another point to consider is the fact that, aside from speculation, there are well trusted organizations which have made claims based off of evidence, or a lack of evidence, which almost certainly disproves any sort of alien contact on earth.One of these organizations stated, “Most of the claimed evidence of alien existence is uncertain and can not be validated” (UK Ministry of defence)The truth is that no person in the entire world has come up with solid enough evidence to prove alien existence. Thus the claim that aliens had helped build the pyramids is based off of a mere possibility with no concrete proof. In addition to this, some ancient astronaut theorists often poke at the “fact” that Egyptians had lacked societal cohesion.
A point that they make is that egyptians lacked organization within their society. Because of this they would not be able to organize their work force and therefore not be able to build the pyramids. However, this statement is incorrect because the ancient Egyptians had shown their organizational skills through obvious evidence. The ancient egyptians had impeccable societal cohesion, and with substantial unity comes substantial cooperation which allowed the egyptians to overcome tremendous challenges. The Egyptians had developed a very strongly banded community through the cooperation and trade of different citizens such as the trade between a farmer and a metal worker, an artist and a stone architect, or even just a shopkeeper and a fellow countryman. All of these people were eventually put under the rule of one king, otherwise known as a pharaoh. As a well respected egyptologist once stated, “Pyramids were possible simply because the entire economy, resources, and population of the Egyptian civilization was under the control of a single omnipotent...

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