Extreme Measure Comes With Extreme Percaution

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“Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. We have taken the necessary security precautions and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect America and Americans.” President George W. Bush
On September 11, 2001, terrorists initiated multiple attacks on America that took the lives of nearly three thousand innocent people. It was a day of destruction and horror that will be branded in the minds of many for a long time. The tragedies on 9/11 could have been avoided if airport security in the United States had been stricter. A strong foundation for Homeland Security is essential in protecting America from further attacks. In the essay “Airport Security is a PC Joke,” Yana Zeltser jokingly states, “The heightened security procedures have started a collection of small metal items such as nail clippers, tweezers or anything pointed” (Zeltser190). Does the constant plundering of carry-ons, women’s make-up bags, and the contents of one’s pocket keep the airlines safer? It is clearly obvious that numerous efforts to improve airport security have been unsuccessful. By attempting to add “protective” guidelines, incorporate “improved” technology and follow the “no profiling” rule; the airlines have fallen short of protecting the real threats to America.
Airport security has become more stringent since 9/11. For those accustomed to flying, they know to arrive an hour or so early to go through the “process.” Although inconvenient, airport security was not as intrusive before the 9/11 events. The process was smooth and simple. There were a few questions concerning the contents of the checked baggage and if the baggage was left unattended. Next, simply empty one’s pockets, walk through the metal detector, and collect the huge carry-on coming through the x-ray machine (McClure). For example, before September 11, if a mother and her two children were traveling and running late for the flight the airport attendants were willing to lend a helping hand. As the struggling mother and children hurry to the ticket counter the airport personnel help with her bags, quickly check her in, and ask as no questions. The attendant moves her to the front of the line, grabs her bag and the baby carrier, and carries them through for her. Nothing is said about the nail file or the can of mace in her purse. After all, she is a mother of two and she is traveling alone; she is not a threat.
Those days of helping a mother with two children are long gone. Instead, the government has attempted to add procedures to airport security that supposedly provides more “protection” for Americans. In her essay, Zeltser discusses how people are now examined with a fine tooth- comb. She talks about her brother recently returning from a vacation in Mexico. He was pulled aside and asked so many questions that he, himself, was almost convinced that he had taken part in illegal...

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