Extreme Parenting The Flaws And The Outcomes

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Today there are many ways to run your household; all families have different techniques of parenting. Some parents are very gentle with their children and others not so much some parents think they need to give their children no freedom if they want to be successful in life and get everything they want in life. But in my opinion everyone should have their freedom to do anything they would like unless it doesn’t bring any good. But then you have to look at it in the parent’s perspective, if they control their lives they believe their children wouldn’t do anything bad or dangerous. Some children may listen to their parents because it’s the right thing to do but others might want to do that ...view middle of the document...

Back when I was in 6th grade I had a friend that would just be terrified if she got lower than an A on her tests or homework because she knows once she gets home it wouldn’t mean good news for her. It was horrible to see her cry when she would get B’s on anything I felt like her parents would push her too hard and just expected too much every minute of the day but I guess maybe that’s how their parents grew up and that’s all they know. But it was just too much, and really pressured her and now she really doesn’t care about school. She got to the point where she almost didn’t graduate high school but she was still a very smart person which made it easy for her to pick up her grades. I understand you have to be strict so they won’t grow up and end up working at a fast food place. But also give them a bit of freedom so they won’t be so antisocial when they go out and try to meet new people.
I know some people that would do everything their parents wanted at every minute of the day. Now they don’t even listen to them they smoke, drink and just basically do whatever they want. But I have to actually blame his parents because they don’t even look after him anymore mostly when he was smaller. He goes out every day to party and he doesn’t pay attention to anything else other than hanging out with his friends. But yet his parents don’t say anything about his actions. He is also at fault here because he should be listening to them and understand why they try and give him advice.
There is also someone that needs to be on top of everything like every second of the day if not they can’t do anything. Their parents won’t let them go anywhere even if they are done with their homework or chores. But I kind of understand and also disagree with some of their techniques. Now she is those kind of people that doesn’t like to go out or really talk to anybody other than their parents. They are antisocial and don’t like going outside to do anything other than what their parents ask them to do. So they are basically just sheltered from everything like friends, they don’t have a job just take online classes and don’t go out at all.
Everybody is different, some people will basically take everything in one way and other people another. For example my friend that does everything he wants it really backfired on his parents and now he basically doesn’t listen to them and does anything he wants. They pushed him to hard and he just gave up in my opinion but like I said before he exploded and just didn’t care anymore. You need to be over your children but not like every minute of the day because they will just get really tired of it and just not care at some point. Not all children will do this but some will and understand why they are being pushed and learn why they are doing it.
There are some bad outcomes to pressuring your children or being extreme parents that don’t let them do anything they would like to do. But also some good things come from them having extreme parents,...

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