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Extrinsic Motivation Essay

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Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is an encouragement from a force from outside one’s self. These forces from outside are easily described as rewards. A reward is used to bribe a student into performing or completing an activity which they would not do without this reward. Certain types of rewards that are common are stars, red-light green-light, and stickers. These rewards seem to be the most common among teachers. They seem simple and harmless, but the child must not learn to only perform for a reward at all times, but for him or herself. The theory that extrinsic rewards create lasting change is false. There have been studies to prove that for example, money as a reward has been proven unsuccessful (Rehmke-Ribary).

To praise students is not always a bad idea. Students expect to hear feedback about an activity or a response they give. Especially when the students are correct they feel better about themselves when the teacher recognizes their correctness. There are ways to praise without taking it too far.

First, be sure to use appreciations that are honest. For example, “Thanks, that was very nice of you.” The appreciation isn’t based on work or an activity, but for showing politeness, or positive behaviors in the classroom. Students are motivated or unmotivated from every factor in a classroom.

Second, students are often wrong when answering questions and it is the teacher’s job to make sure if the student gets the wrong answer that they are not discouraged from trying again. An idea to solve this problem from occurring is to show the student that the mistake they have made is ‘not that big of a deal.’

A third idea of showing praise is to make the students feel as if their input or effort is recognized. In order to recognize the student in this manner, it is not necessary that the whole class is aware to make it seem as if you are singling students out. The teacher could possibly use eye contact, or a pat on the back as he or she walks by to observe. Any indirect way of showing the student that they are doing great will be recognized up by the student.

A final simple idea is to use straightforward responses of praise with the students. This also avoids the whole class believing that a student is the “favorite.” An example is straight forward response of “Correct” (NDT). These four examples are a great way to show praise in a classroom by a teacher.

Intrinsic Motivation

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