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As everyone involved with Leeds United mark another Championship campaign down as one of those 'building' type of seasons, Extroverts Jake Rodgers attempts to shed some light on this fresh bloom of uncertainty on and off the field at Elland Road.

Not much has changed over the years for the Peacocks. Despite the clubs free fall from it's European journey at the turn of the century, the fan base has remained arguably the best in the country, and as usual, question marks loom over the situation in the boardroom. Current owners GFH-C have reportedly pulled the plug on the clubs finances and despite not being in a critical situation as of yet, they are relying on the the Football League to ...view middle of the document...

You have to play the league, but this season the Championship has gotten the better of the Whites' fresh faced bunch. The honeymoon period began with one €50 note in Slovenia and ended on a cold night in Rochdale, Brian finally faced the venom of an infuriated Leeds United away crowd and let's face it, have things been the same since? On paper, it looks terrific, but being on the wrong end of demolitions from Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton Wanderers, have epitomised the lacklustre display that fans have had to spectate this season. Brian McDermott knows the right things to say at the right time, considering his estimable character and satisfactory track record in the division, soon enough, his actions had to speak louder than his words - four wins in 19 since December has pushed the fans to tipping point, have the players lost the faith like the majority of fans have?

There has been a minority of positives at the club in the past year, one main exception has to be seeing Jason Pearce quietly evolve into our rock at the back. Jason blew hot and cold for the best part of last season and couldn't tie down a starting spot, £500,000 appears to be dog cheap in hindsight as he's been ever present this term starting every game he's been available for, making only one error which led to a goal in over 3000 minutes of football. Growing up when the club were at the height of their post-Revie powers, most fans are unaware that he is a lifelong fan of Leeds, this is one of the reasons I believe his potential is limitless for the Whites. Confident and reliable, why can't this tower of a man with his never say die mentality be our new Charlton or Radebe? He is everything that Leeds United stand for, he's passionate and he would die for football, he is Leeds.

You get the sense that with the proposed...

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