Exxon Mobile A Financial Look From The Corporate Side

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In this report we are going to compare the market value of Exxon Mobil with its book value. Market value will help to know whether the company is making profit or not. We will also discuss whether the terms with Iran and higher demand for oil from China and India effects Exxon's profits or not. The purchasing of stock is effective or it is giving a loss? The effect of oil taxes and duties on Exxon?Book value is the value of all assets less all the debts and liabilities. Book value differs from market price. Book value can be determined from the company's records. The book value of a company is its base liquidation value. While, the market value is the lowest price a seller would accept and the highest price that a buyer would pay on property.When prices first started to escalate the public was informed that it was due to the weather conditions that were affecting the refineries that were located along the gulf coast. Due to an especially turbulent hurricane and tropical storm season this year. The refineries were supposed to be shut down to better prepare for the impact of the storms and to preserve the refineries. Shuttling down the refineries limited the gas supply to the public.Limited oil supplies being processed through the refineries contributed to the rise in gasoline prices and the long lines at gasoline stations across the nation. Along with the inconvience of stations closing because they were out of gasoline. In the states with a mass transit system people had alternative options to driving their cars to get around. In the southern states where there are limited to no mass transit systems people had to accept the rise in costs and deal with the inconvenience. In urban cities it affected the cab and livery drivers who make their living driving. The price of gasoline rising cut into their income with no immediate way to compensate for the increase they had to adjust to it.During the time when the gulf coast was preparing for hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans and surrounding areas the shortage in the gasoline supply made it harder for people to move their belongings and leave the area. The shortage of gasoline affected the evacuation of Galveston but not to the same degree of New Orleans. People unable to fill their gas tanks were able to board transporter buses to safely transport them out of the storms path.The gasoline prices and the conditions at the gasoline stations brought back memories for many Americans, memories of the gasoline shortages in the middle 1970's. The long lines and the prices being at an all time high were distinctive of inflationary times. The media brought all of these thoughts to the front position by showing what the situation looked like in the 70's. None one wants those inflationary times to return. This situation was sure to get and keep the attention of economists watching the market for any additional sudden changes.The conditions were not liked but they were tolerated because the general thought was...

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