Eyes Of Revenge: The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Alexandre Dumas is the author of the adventurous love story The Count of Monte Cristo, used both internal and external conflicts along with imagery. These literary elements enhanced the theme that revenge can drive a man to do the unthinkable. Dumas used these elements to tell the story of France’s history. His bestselling novels are not deep but have spectacular adventure, action, and larger-than-life-characters.
Alexandre Dumas was a French play writer and author from the 19th century and was born July 24, 1802 in the Ville-Cotterets in France. He is the son of an inn keeper’s daughter named Mary Louis Labouret and of a general named Thomas Alexandre Davy la Pailletereie. He is the third child born from his mother. Dumas’ father is the son of Marquis Alexandre Davy La Pailleterie who married his grandmother Marie Louise Cessete Dumas, who was a Haitian slave. When his grandparents got married his grandfather took her on her last name of Dumas (“Biography of Alexandre Dumas”; Online-literature.com 126, “Dumas, Alexandre.”).
Dumas grew up a pretty unfortunate kid. His father was killed while fighting in the army of Napoleon at the age of 40 when Dumas was the tender age of four. Following the death of his father, his family became poor. His mother tried her hardest to raise him but the main thing was his education. He attended Abbe Gregoire’s school where he found that he was not the greatest student but that’s where he found his passion for writing (“Biography of Alexandre Dumas”; “Dumas, Alexandre” 126).
Dumas did not attend college after school but instead left his home to move to Paris where he worked as a clerk at the age of 20. Dumas grew up with a sense of writing from the heart but never really used his heart, especially for love (“Dumas, Alexandre” 126; Cadytech.com).
Dumas was not a one woman man. He had one mistress who expected and got expensive gifts from him; her name was Marie-Cathrine Labay and she was a dress maker who was born in 1824. Dumas was a man who loved the younger females. He finally did settle down and married his mistress Ida Ferrier in 1840; she was an actress and separated from Dumas soon after because she spent her entire inheritance from her marriage. He admitted to having dozens of illegitimate children and only claimed three of them. Two of his illegitimate children were there for him in his last years. His son who shared the same name as him was known as Alexandre Dumas fils because like his father he wrote novels. If anyone was to look up his father’s name you would see Alexandre Dumas pere. His daughter that he claimed is known as Madame Petel (Oxenhander 471, “Dumas, Alexandre”).
Dumas was a man who wanted to be involved in any way possible. He decided to enlist in the National Guard, where he became a captain. He also took a role in the July 1830 revolution in Bastille where France got its independence (Liukkonen).
Before Dumas became the illustrious writer that everyone knew about, he worked a clerk...

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