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Eyes, The Power Of Suggestion, And Rorschach Tests

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Eyes, the Power of Suggestion and Rorschach Tests: An Introduction
The human sense of sight is a very detailed and complex ability, which humans often take for granted. However, once they take time to think about it, they realize how complicated the process really is. The eye receives light from the outside with the cornea, which then travels through the nerves until the light reaches the brain. The brain processes this light into information about the outside world, and then the brain uses this information to decide how to respond. All this happens in less than half a second.(Robertson, 2012) The used information is then stored inside the brain for safekeeping in memories, though some images may still influence a person’s thoughts. The brain is the central hub for a person, used to give commands and store emotions felt, as well as many other uses. It is the most important organ in the body, and influences what the images sent from the eye are translated into.
When watching television, most people see ads between the main programs. The ads could feature a thick cheeseburger, a new video game, or almost any other product. These advertisements have one goal: to persuade the public to buy their goods. The ads put the products in the public’s mind, who in turn want to have those products. This is called the power of suggestion. The power of suggestion is used everyday in social networks, and has been the topic of many projects. In 1957, James Vicary performed an experiment on moviegoers that flashed advertisements for Coca-Cola and popcorn onto the screen for 0.03 of a second. The speed of the ads was faster that a human could perceive, but the sales in both Coca-Cola and popcorn both rose significantly.(Crandall, 2006) However, no proof that could back up his claims was ever produced, and even the fact that the experiment even took place was thought untrue. In a television interview, Vicary admitted making up the results of the experiment, saying that it was a “gimmick”, and that the amount of information was “too small to be meaningful.” (Vicary, 1962) However, the media did not pay considerable attention to the fact that the experiment was faulty, and as a result many companies still use this method today.
Invented by Hermann Rorschach in 1921, the Rorschach test was designed to examine how a person thinks, and what they normally see in objects based on their personality or what they like. The Rorschach test, usually referred to as an inkblot test, consists of a sheet of paper, eighteen by twenty-four centimeters in size, with a black or colored design on it, made by ink spilt on a paper and folding that paper in half so that the blot created was symmetric. The tester stands behind the subject, who is seated at a table, and shows them ten different inkblot tests. The subject is asked what he or she sees in that blot, and when answered, the results are recorded. The goal of this test is to provide information about a person’s...

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