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The World Is Over Population Essay

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The world’s population is approximately 7.16 billion and rising (citation). This means that it has nearly doubled in the past forty years. We are now faced with the severe and significant concern of over population. The amount of people this planet can sustain is becoming controversial. While some are arguing that everyone could fit on the state of Texas if we just put 10,500 people on each square mile (citation), others argue that we do not have enough supplies and resources on our land for every person. No matter how the dispute is being viewed, many people are deprived of food, shelter, and clothing because of the overload of people.
Several countries are decreasing their population by family planning. According to Oxford Dictionary, it states family planning as “the practice of controlling the number of children in a family and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of artificial contraception or voluntary sterilization” (citation). Within the past three decades, the worldwide percentage of couples using some method of family planning has boosted considerably; however, this amount would rise significantly if everyone had easy accessibility to it. In the backcountry of “sub-Saharan Africa, it takes an average of two hours to reach the nearest contraceptive provider” (citation). In many cases, people often cannot afford some form of birth control. Furthermore, numerous governments forbid

vital methods of contraception. For instance, Japan often discourages the usage of birth control pills over the condom (citation). Nonetheless, there are some disagreements with it; family planning is the best decision to resolve the worlds over population difficulty.
In China, they are often criticized by the majority due to their “one child” policy. Various countries and many individuals in China often feel that it is not right to limit the amount of children an individual can have. They believe it is a person’s choice to decide how many children they want; however, China’s agenda often conflicts with this because of their desire for the fertility rate to be one child per woman. Although China’s method is controversial, they believe this is the appropriate step in order to decrease their population growth. According to_____, China is trying to delay childbearing to reduce “further national birth rates and significantly slow population growth” (citation). For this to...

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