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Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr. Warrior For Peace By Tanya Savory

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It was during the summer of 1928, when a black man named Joshua stopped for a little bit of gas. He was going to visit a friend to Florida during his vacations, and he was driving all the way from New York. Back then the black people were not allow to any white people place. By that time, racism was very powerful and the white people were the most stronger people in the communities, however, it was only in some states of the United States Of America. In others the racism did not existed, for example according to the book “Martin Luther King Jr. Warrior For Peace”by “Tanya Savory” in one of the states that there was no racism was Connecticut.
During the winter of 1928, in Montgomery, Alabama, a black girl who was only fifteen-year-old got on a city bus so she could go visit her sick grandmother. She was supposed to go to the “colored only” section, there were no seats so she went to seat up front, but just as the girl sat down, a white man boarded the bus and the bus driver yelled “I said move”. “This bus ain’t goin’ anywhere until you get on back there with your kind”.
In 1896, a group of residents, both black and white, from Louisiana had seen that separating people upon skin color was ridiculous. Plessy and his group didn’t give up and they took their case to the United States Supreme Court in that same year. But even the highest court of the land thought that the separation of races was legal as long as facilities and opportunities were equal. In 1896, they give the name of “segregation” to that racial separation which was going to be protected by the federal law.
A boy named Emmett Till who had grown in Chicago, was sent to visit his uncle to Money,Mississippi in 1955. Three days after he arrived to Money, he met his cousin and other black people in a store called Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market. One of the owner of the store named Carolyn Bryant didn’t allow any black person to touch or spend much time in the store. Emmett who didn’t knew, placed the money into Carolyn’s hand. Later that night, some furious white men went “to teach that boy a lesson” to Emmett’s uncle’s house. Emmett was dragged from his bed, thrown into the back of a truck, and driven to the Tallahatchie River. Emmett was tied around his neck with barbed wire, he was beaten with clubs, kicked, and shot in the head right before he was thrown into the deep river. Three days later they found Emmett’s body unrecognizable; his nose was flattened, his tongue was cut out, and one of his eyeballs hung halfway down his face.
One evening of the fall in 1958, while Martin Luther King Jr. had been autographing his first book “Stride Toward Freedom” the book was about the Montgomery bus boycott, a black woman named Izola Curry, pulled out a sharp letter opener and plunged into King’s chest. Dr. King was immediately taken to Harlem Hospital.The woman who stabbed Dr. King had mental...

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