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Faa Part 43 Essay

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Part 43 and it's Managerial Implications.

When we talk about aviation maintenance, we speak of repairs, alterations and the act of preserving an aircraft in its original airworthy condition. An airworthiness certificate is given to an aircraft after countless hours of design, research and testing. And in order to keep this certificate valid; an aircraft must be maintained in accordance with a certain specification. These specifications are brought to us by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Federal Aviation Regulation part that spells out these rules is found in part 43. These acts are performed to prevent harm to pilots, passengers, and even innocent bystander that may become involved in an incident due to improper maintenance. As maintenance managers, we must understand these implications that must be followed, so that we may ensure that our facility is performing to the standards set upon us by the FAA. The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 allowed for the regulation of air commerce in such manner as to best promote its development and safety. This brought about a rulemaking process to insure that all aspects of aviation could be regulated in a way as to provide maximum safety to all. This was the initial birth of 14 CFR 43, or Part 43 of the FAR's which is ironically titled Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration (Federal Aviation Regulations [FAR], VII, 1997). This part has been primarily written for individuals or repair facilities that may be performing some sort of maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding and or alterations. It refers to a number of qualified individuals that include holders of mechanic, repairman, air carrier, or even a pilot's certificate, that may perform an array of the procedures listed in this part. So when it comes down to it, we as maintenance managers must know and live by FAR part 43 in order for our employees to work and perform in a legal and safe manor. As the title implies, this part of the Federal Aviation Regulations prescribes rules of governing the maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alteration of any aircraft having a U.S. airworthiness certificate; any foreign-registered aircraft used to carry mail under pt.121, 127 or 135; and airframe, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances, and components of such aircraft. This is exclusive of aircraft holding an experimental airworthiness certificate, unless the aircraft was previously issued a different kind of certificate (FAR, 1998, p.11). So if we were working as a manager in the U.S., this part would definitely apply to our facility, which repairs and maintains aircraft found in this category. Part 43 also identifies persons that are authorized to perform and return an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances, or component parts for return to service after maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration. The approval for return to service will be made in accordance...

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