Fabrication And Characterization Of Semiconductor Nanowires By Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide (Aao) Templates.

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Fabrication and Characterization of semiconductor nanowires by using Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) templates.Introduction:-Great interest has been focused on one - dimensional materials, including nanowires and nanodots , because of their unique structure and properties as well as potential applications in electronics and optical devices.(1)Much effort has been focused on nanostructure formation by self - organizing methods , among them , the anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) templates have received considerable attention in synthetic nanostructure material due to their particular characters (2), such asHave high porosities ( 1011 pores/cm2 ).Easley be prepared in the Lab. With good control over the size (length & diameter) of the pores.Very good periodicity of the pore arrangement can also be obtained.Porous alumina forms on the surface of aluminum in a self - organized manner when anodized in an acid under specific conditions. Such templates have recently emerged as an important self - assembly method for nanofabrication (3).They can be used in different methods to synthesize self - assembled arrays of nanowires of a variety of materials, such as metals, semiconductors, alloys, and multilayers. Two of the standard methods that are being used are AC and DC electodeposition. Morphology and characteristics of the nanowires can easily be achieved by releasing the nanowires from the template. Magnetic, electric, transport and optical measurements all contribute toward the exploration of the fundamental properties of nanostructure materials and point toward their technological potential.In this proposal research, electrodeposition semiconductor nanowires was obtained by AC plating as well as by DC deposition. The morphology of semiconductor nanowires was studied by AFM and SEM. The electric , electronic and optical measurements was also achieved by using different suitable equipments.Research background:-In the electrodeposition process , a thin conducting metal film , such as gold , is first evaporated on one side of the porous AAO template to serve as the cathode. The template is attached to the cathode, which is subsequently brought into contact with electrolyte solution. When a current or potential is applied electrochemical reactions have been take place. Then NWs grow along the pores of the AAO template. The length of NWs can be tuned by the time of electrodeposition process. After pore filling, the pure arrays of NWs can be obtained by dissolution of the template membrane in a basic solution. NWs arrays are produced by the AAO template-assisted electrodeposition method as as a schematically shown in the figure 1.In this fashion, semiconductor NWs can be deposit into the pores of AAO templates.(4)II - VI group...

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