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Face Death With Hope And Faith

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Dylan Thomas’ free verse poem, “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”, takes place in the abundant sea, an endless ecstasy similar to Heaven. Corresponding with the poem’s setting and the style, the speaker expresses great hope as he convinces the audience that death does not limit people’s lives. The poem alludes to the unity with God after death and establishes the light of hope, shining away people’s fear and pain, in order to deprive death of its dominance on people’s life.
The poet utilizes religious allusion to establish hope for the unity with God after death. The deceased have nothing except their souls, thus evoking the attainable, posthumous spiritual fullness after uniting with ...view middle of the document...

The wind that “blows a flower” symbolizes freedom and creates an imagery of liberation from sadness. The speaker uses the sorrowful pathetic fallacy of rain and the personification of the flowers to evoke hope that defeats the devastating pain from death. The speaker establishes that death cannot destroy hope, and people should live on optimistically. “Though they be mad and dead as nails, / Heads of the characters hammer through daisies; / Break in the sun till the sun break down,” (25-26). He juxtaposes the daisies’ strength and the sun’s warmth against the simile that compares the dead to a cold, emotionless nail. The irony is that death is inevitable, yet the quality of the indestructible sun and the daisies that grow back again in spring suggest that death cannot defeat people’s hope to live. The speaker creates contrast between hope and death, promoting that although people die, their souls shall not.
The speaker establishes that death is merely a physical ending to life; the spirit will live on. Death exerts control over people’s life because people dwell in the unavoidability to die. Nevertheless, the speaker indicates that people ought to live in light “And death shall have no dominion” (1). The use of “and” at the beginning of the phrase suggests continuity, contrasting against the end of life. This phrase is...

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