Facebook: A Necessary Evil Essay

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Technology has changed the way our society communicates, socializes, and interacts with each other forever. Some are of the belief that there is nothing better on earth then when the newest technology comes to the shelfs.Whether it is the new Ipad, Iphone, or big flat screen T.V. there always seemed to be a line out the front door. Unfortunately there is a underbelly a very evil and dark side that is finally getting the attention it deserves. One of the biggest contributors to the new social media push is Facebook. This particular application has been used for gross electronic aggression and has become the gateway for the arsenal of schoolyard bullies. In 2008 I watched as my neighbors 14 year old daughter go from being a sweet straight A student, to being a EMU, sexually promiscuous, and participating in drug activity. This occurred in a 9-12 month period after receiving her Facebook account. Ironically in 2008–2009 the School Crime Supplement (National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics) indicates that 6% of students in grades 6–12 experienced cyberbullying. Because of Facebook our country has seen are teens start to measure their worth, appearance, and feelings of low self-esteem leading to the tragic suicides in the media.
The media in our country has always been a huge driving force behind many of society's belief systems and social economic status. This can be especially true if you don't have the new Iphone or Ipad, and if they don’t have a phone at all its even worse. The general populace does not realize exactly how mean and ruthless some of these children can be to each other. I experienced this personal face to face bullying when I was younger in regards to the economic inequality. Before Facebook came on the scene you didn’t know of all the parties or activities that you were not included in, you didn't know everybodys intimate thoughts about you, and neither did the world. At least back then when you went home for the day from school it was over and you didn’t have your personal business, embarrassing pictures, or videos on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately with today's social media technology it can be present 24-7, anytime day or night worldwide.
Unfortunately a few lessons our young are learning very quickly and harshly. One of those lessons is that once you post an item on your Facebook it is out there forever for your friends, family, and even future employers can look at and deny you employment. These texts, tweets, emails that are full of rumors and vindictiveness that can be posted anonymously and distributed world wide. Once they have been posted or sent the post the laymen computer individual can have an extremely difficult time and rarely ever have success in deleting these messages. The horror of this is that it can and does haunt these kids for years. We are now seeing that some of the major impacts from bullying are eating disorders, drug use, depression, sexual promiscuity and even...

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