Facebook, A Useful Means Of Socialization

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Facebook, a Useful Mean of Socialization
Advancement of communication technologies has brought our friends in a stone's throw away. In particular, facebook allows us to share our ongoing lives by virtue of sophisticated cyber-images. This element of society has opened a new window for peoples keen to share information with intimacy and personal relationship. In the way of social communication people often use this wonder medium and eventually has created a world of virtual friends. Due to its virtual community facebook is also claimed to be more than nothing, as stated by Niedzviecki (2011, p. 656). However, after operating from February 04, 2004 in its existence of decades facebook has ...view middle of the document...

Konnikova ( 2013) described two types of facebook's experiences; active with specific desire and passive with haphazard scrolling. She observed, "Demands on our attention lead us to use facebook more passively than actively, and passive experiences, no matter the medium, translate to feelings of disconnection and boredom". Hence the active users not the passive ones rewardingly manage the facebook in their regular way of social communication.
People in collectivist cultures having frequent interactions and close circle of facebook can fruitfully utilise its support systems in their way of networking (Eler, 2012). Facebook is great advantageous in creating a large vivid social network without being face to face. Thus for those who lead a hectic life being unable or reluctant to meet their friends face-to-face , facebook may be the only way to keep them track in their daily social life. This inability of physically reaching is one major influential thrust that drive socially motivated people on facebook. Eventually facebook creates a world of virtual friends and which indeed is ineffective in term of physical interaction. In that event Niedzviecki (2011, p. 656) argued "It wasn't Facebook's fault; all those digital pals were better than nothing". However, users who claim the facebook useless do they actually blame the facebook or its virtual community? The virtual friends are supposed to share thoughts and feelings themselves not to show up physically. "They just don't have time", added by Niedzviecki (2011). In fact facebook provides opportunity to those who would probably never have met each other in person to communicate. It facilitates users relationships online to help enhance them in real life. However this large interactive community of facebook largely facilitates a great window for social organizers to integrate people with active flow of information.
As a social media facebook provides a wide variety of information. In modern age it's available online, however, an information really vital useful for us we may not search for, but could be presented by facebook itself. An useful information or links posted by facebook's friends may...

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