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In this day in age, almost everyone has a Facebook page. Elderly people have an account, adults, teenagers, and even young children. Perhaps that's what makes Facebook such a controversial topic; the fact that people of all ages have a Facebook account. Nevertheless, Facebook is made up of nothing but pixels and negativity which is why its age limit should strictly be eighteen.One of the biggest concerns on any social media website is cyber bullying. In the article, "Should Children be Allowed on Facebook?" Aislyn Greene reports that one million children were harassed, threatened, and subjected to other forms of cyber bullying on Facebook. Bullying is a serious matter, especially when the bullying is being performed on the internet. Even when a post can be deleted, it does not change the fact people still have seen it; even if a person can be blocked, it does not change the fact that that person is still saying things they shouldn't be saying. The point is, no one can defend the bullying that happens on Facebook by coming up with ways that make the bullying seem unimportant or insignificant. Facebook makes it easy for people, specifically children, to post anything from a comedic image to an insulting, degrading, and inappropriate status. Even though kids ought to know better, these types of things still happen and Facebook makes it easierfor these types of things to occur more frequently. A child's reputation may be ruined due to a bully's inappropriate post on Facebook which is why children are simply too young to have Facebook accounts.A young child's health should always come first, never last. Facebook tends to jeopardize that. According to the report, "Poke Me: How Social Networks Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids," by Larry D. Rosen it is stated that teens that use/ overuse Facebook become narcissistic, become sadistic and passive/aggressive, and develop antisocial personality disorder. Thousands of children are addicted to internet which by definition means they're addicted to social media sites like Facebook. Due to a child's addiction to Facebook, their emotions and behaviors become as unhealthy as the addiction itself. Also, by analyzing the hard facts, it can be concluded that Facebook makes money off of a child's unhealthy state of mind. Do parents really want some guy by the name of Mr. Zuckerberg to make millions off of their child's/ children's unhealthy addiction? Do parents want their child to be consumed by overwhelming narcissism and depression due to Zuckerberg's website? As Judy Siegel-itzkovich states in her article "Dangers Lurk Among Kid's Facebook 'Friends'," "in the past, it was said that the day a person could express himself digitally and not face to face, he will become depressive, and today this is the question in…children." It is unfortunate that this quote is for the most part targeted towards the youth for the simple fact that they are the ones glued to technology and expressing themselves through emoticons...

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