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Facebook And The Effects On People, Businesses & Technology

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Mark Zuckerberg was in his early twenties when he first launched The Facebook from his dorm room at Harvard University in 2004. Zuckerberg was an extremely bright university student and was able to read and write four different languages. Zuckerberg also had won many previous awards in math, astronomy and physics.
Facebook is a relatively new and has certainly made an impact on our lives. Facebook as changed the way young people today communicate. With over 800 million users and available in 70 languages Facebook is one of the fastest growing companies. Could Facebook be indeed taking over our lives? The answer for this question will try to be explored in the first part of this essay. It is certainly clear that Facebook has made an effect on how many people communicate. However there could be implications to this. Facebook and the effects on people will be discussed in the first part of the essay. Looking on a positive side of the effects of Facebook amongst society their might also be actual benefits. Academic research is really yet to begin on Facebook, this essay will aim to open new areas of research.

There is a definite direct effect Facebook has had on the advertising industry. People can even walk to restaurants and pubs now while seeing Facebook advertisements. “Follow us on Facebook” are often the worlds you could see advertised. This could mean that more and more businesses are choosing to advertise on Facebook. Social media advertising is a different media channel. It could be seen has a good strategic step for many businesses. Businesses can target a wide number of people through Facebook. Facebook is close to reaching one billions users. This could be a good opportunity for many firms to market their products.
Many people now have smart phones. The use of smart phones are becoming very popular. A smart phone will most possibly have Facebook pre-installed on the phone. This allows many users to use Facebook almost immediately after a mobile phone has been purchased. Facebook could then decrease the use of consumers calling people. Facebook simply allows users to communicate without texting or calling their friends or family. The modern communication system seems to become completely digital. Facebook could then be argued to have an affect on technology. Consumers will stop using the traditional core features of the mobile phone. However many people will still want to buy a phone. Mobile phone manufacturers will then still be able to make profits. However Facebook could indeed release a mobile phone themselves.
Facebook has become so powerful it is now a routine part of our lives Kirkpatrick, 2010.Facebook allows users to become editors, producers and distributors all in one. Kirkpatrick, 2010 also states that its people in today’s world all becoming exhibitionist. To summaries Kirkpatrick, 2010 agrees that Facebook has changed how people communicate, how businesses sell products and even how companies operate.
The modern...

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