Facebook And Its Affect In Our Society

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I attended the "Sex, Gender, and Commodity on Facebook" Pop Culture Series event. The presentation illustrated the power and impact Facebook has on us, our relationships, and in our lives. Ceilan and Jeff were describing Facebook as an ideology that calls us to participate and become a part of it. The social network was a commodity that has turned into an important necessity in our lives. Facebook is a way for people to keep score and evaluating themselves against their friends and family; by comparing their accomplishments, social lives, and possessions. It is constructed to be a template for a simple, flattened, and edited construction of one's self and identity. It allows you to share your life with others on the Internet by sharing the six essentials: work and education, places lived, relationship, family, basic information, and contact information.
Facebook also provides its users with safety, security, and control. The social media site lets individuals control how their fellow Facebook friends portray them. Pictures, statuses and posts on friend's walls manage how people can perceive you. It also provides protection from seeing people's reactions in an objectified type of way. Facebook's protection creates a positive atmosphere for its users by only having a 'like' button. Users strive for 'likes' on their posts. It also gives individuals a self-esteem boost and societal approval by the amount of 'likes' received on their posts, photos, and statuses. 'Selfies' have also became a new phenomenon among all social media sites. Many people hate the constant blow up of 'selfies'. They have been negatively labeled among all Facebookers; but people still post them. The amount of 'selfies' a user uploads can label the individual as someone with low self-esteem and confidence. However, Rachel Simmons believes that 'selfies' do that opposite and gives "selfie posters" the power to influence the photos interpretation.

Two key points - cover pictures and 'selfies- in the presentation on Facebook and its role in our lives connected with two chapters from our course: Chapter 3: Socialization and the Social Construction of Gender, and Chapter 11: Popular Culture, Media, and the Spectacle of Sports. A Facebook...

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