Facebook As An Identity Tool Essay

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         Facebook is the lifeline of many people’s social life. Some use it for the purposes of work, some for school and others use it as a way to escape from the real world. Facebook has provided many with a convenient way for keeping in touch with people. It provides several ways to communicate, which forges a stronger bond. It now has games that can be shared between the members; for example, my sister and I can chat while playing a game of Uno together. That bond is made stronger because we are having fun while sharing and catching up with each other. In the time I’ve spent using Facebook, I have learned that one of the commonalities that most users share, is that although their reasons for initially using the site may vary, they all at some point have begun to use Facebook as an identity tool. Doing so by making different aspects bout their personalities stand out more on the site than they normally would do in reality. For instance, they post statuses saying things that they never would consider saying in reality, and posting pictures that they wouldn’t frame in their homes. For example, some of my friends have posted statuses saying stuff like “ima slave 2 da gun till da bullet sets me free”, statuses like that along with pictures of guns and knives. These are things that wouldn’t be said or done unless they were seeking attention. These users have allowed it to consume them to a point where they must use it on a daily basis several times a day. It has become a common addiction that not only is shared by my peers but even by people who are age fifty and above.  
            I use Facebook on average about four hours a day, maybe more, since it so convenient to use even away from the computer (i.e. iPhone Apps). Most of the time, I get on in the morning to check and see what family and friends have written in the time that I was off. I then check it again after class and several other times after that. This time that I spend on Facebook could very well be spent doing other things like homework, socializing with friends around me, I could even be watching television or reading. These are also things that I enjoy doing with my free time. Whenever one of my friends or family write me, I make sure to write back. Doing this, results in them knowing I will always respond to whatever they may have to say. This is forming a strong community bond filled with the friends and family members on my list.
This community bond also impacts me as a person as well as my personality. Who you associate yourself with and build strong relationships tells a lot about your personality. If you have a tendency to add people who are negative and are a potential bad influence, then you will eventually pick up their habits. That makes for a negative personality. However, if you add people who are positive and are doing good things, you will want to do good things and be a good person. My community is made up of people I’ve grown up with, family, friends and...

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