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Facebook Effects In Socialization Essay

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In this day and age, many individuals simply cannot go without some sort of socialization. Specifically speaking, most participate in online social networking sites. The most popular and used one is commonly known as Facebook. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. By 2007, Facebook had over 21 million users, adding up to 1.6 billion page views every single day. The typical user spends over twenty minutes per day on Facebook and two thirds of the users log in every day at least once. It is not questionable as to why many people have a Facebook account. Facebook is generally efficient, easy for socialization, and not difficult to manage. Most organizations are affiliated with Facebook, as “almost 22,000 organizations had Facebook directories,” as of November 2006. A year after that in 2007, Facebook was named the seventh most popular website (Ellison 1). However, with anything well known, many oppose to using Facebook and hold criticism against the popular network. There are many flaws in the website and the relationships it starts online. Facebook is risking dangerous activities, ignoring privacy laws, and demeaning healthy socialization.
Facebook holds several uses and features for its users. When one joins a social networking site, they make a unique profile that showcases information about him or her, like a birthday or a current relationship status. From there, he or she can “add friends” that they can search for on the website. This gives them access to his or her profile, allowing them to see everything that had created since joining and vice-versa (Dwyer 1). It is extremely common nowadays to have a Facebook profile with many friends linked to you who can see your status updates, photos, and even the places you have been. This can, conversely, lead to major issues with privacy. As Catherine Dwyer said, “Privacy within social networking sites is often not expected or is undefined” (1). This is why Facebook could never fully replace traditional social interaction, unless the staff completely fixes the privacy issues. Everyone is aware of this along with, surprisingly, the founder himself, Mark Zuckerberg. He made an interesting statement about his own website’s privacy by saying, “People have really gotten comfortable with not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people. That social norm is just something that has evolved over time” (Boyd 1). If the owner of the website can admit the flaws in his website, the users should be able to as well. Some argue that Facebook is putting users at risk of offline stalking or even online identity theft. But some still do not comprehend the dangers of using the website carelessly. Many claim to use the website as a crucial part of stable social relationships (Ellison 1). Facebook can be used for many useful and almost necessary ideas, but the flaws the website holds are unforgivable and will not go unnoticed.
Facebook does have some benefits, proved...

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