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How would your life be without your facebook account? Although Facebook is a popular social website, some people take it too far often overshadowing the people who use facebook in a positive, even productive ways. This paper will contains information about all the good and bad things about facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of facebook while attending Harvard University. Mr. Zuckerberg launch the opening of facebook in 2004 of February after he launch facebook within 24 hour 1,200 Harvard students had signed up to this new exciting social website. However shortly afterwards more than half of the undergraduate had a profile on facebook. The year 2006 Mark Zuckerberg was well known because now the network was extended to anybody with an email address that wanted a facebook and also it was free to join at all times. From that point on Mark Zuckerberg was a millionaire.
By this time everyone has a facebook; it was a good social website for family and friend to stay in touch. Old friend from high school and college were now able to stay in touch once they have graduate, and it was also good for the holidays when you have out of town family. Facebook was known as a good dating site were you could talk and meet new people or just friends that are your facebook friend that you haven’t meet yet. In the mean time since you can talk to your family out of town you can upload pictures and videos of your family and show your entire facebook friend. By the way facebook is good for those days you miss school or work and you need to know what has went on while you wasn’t there, so in that case you can just inbox/message one of your friend and just ask what did you miss while you were out.

Not to mention there are some bad things that actually goes on Facebook. If you’re not careful, you can pick up any viruses that will cause problems to your computer or any electronic device that you use. You may also indeed easily get addicted and lose track of time throughout your day. It can sometimes cause problems such as getting bullied, someone string up mess between two people or more (gang related), and also instigating fights can happen on Facebook. As everyone should see by now Facebook is not a private social site so Facebook user should not upload anything that you would not want other to know. For example depending on what your job is you probably shouldn’t upload things that you do with your free if you think your job will hold accountable against you especial if it’s illegal
In other words people use Facebook for the wrong reason sometime. People a few years ago just use to reunite with old friends and family, nowadays a lot of people don’t really have that much nice to say but yet still says what they want. In that being said people will exploit you faster than you think they will screenshot you and post it on Facebook, they post all of your secrets that you though would never get out. When you stroll down your newsfeed...

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