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Today’s generation does not understand how Facebook makes our society more interconnected. With the growing number of people joining social networks like Facebook, communication with others is easier than ever. Juliane Elliot argues in her writing, “How the Internet Has Changed the World,” that Facebook has dramatically changed our everyday lives in several ways. For example, it allows people to build stronger relationships with friends and family by providing a method of easy and quick communication. Furthermore, businesses have increased advertising through websites like Facebook because of the large number of people that are exposed to ads and also since posting an advertisement is effortless. Lastly, political life has greatly improved since politicians can now reach out to their voters with the click of a button. Opposing these arguments, however, are other authors that write about how Facebook has led to a loss of personal communication and productivity, and can spread falsified evidence. Although the validity of Facebook as having a positive impact on society is at question among groups opposing social networking, Juliane Elliot is most persuasive in her argument because of her use of logical reasoning, emotions, and practical application in everyday life.
Facebook has affected our society’s culture and changed the way people communicate with one another. Before Facebook, people wrote hand written letters and would wait days or weeks for a reply. With Facebook, Juliane says “we send instant emails across thousands of miles,” allowing us to stay connected with only a split second delay (Elliot 3). In relating Facebook to personal relations, readers can see the practical use that Facebook has in our everyday lives by bringing family and friends closer through an easier means of communication. Due to the instant connection that Facebook provides us, “personal relationships also can develop between people who, due to distance, might never have” (Elliot 3). Juliane is most effective in persuading her audience by relating Facebook to an emotional issue, such as a long distance relationship, in which readers can relate to through emotion or personal experience, enabling them to see the benefits that Facebook presents. Some groups, however, oppose social networking sites like Facebook and say, “activities such as meeting friends, where people can define their morals, are taken over by news snippets and face-moving social networking” (Telegraph 1). These opposers believe that Facebook is causing individuals to be less social. Nevertheless, Juliane shows how this isn’t true and that Facebook can help build a stronger society. The largely interconnected community of Facebook allows for the user to meet new people on group pages or discussions in which they can choose to build relationships with people that share similar interests (Elliot 4). Juliane is effective in being the most persuasive due to her argument that gives the reader a logical,...

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