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Facebook Page Essay

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The picture of these radicals from my apartment's balcony sickens me. I could have never imagined that there are people in our free country who are so arrogant to the extent of asking the state for more money after leaving their jobs in the middle of the day. Seriously, be open-minded and go talk to your bosses in person rather than complaining about it in the streets. Do you think you will be taken seriously if you continue to take drugs, smoke and rape others on the grounds of Wall street? Such barbarism should not be tolerated. The only place you people should go to, is the jail! I hope the jailors don't treat you as adequately as the police do.
Can't agree with you more Fox. In order for ...view middle of the document...

John, you mentioned that 44% of homeless people are employed, well, why did I spot a protestor today wearing fine quality Lenin jeans while listening to the latest songs on his iPod? I doubt that he actually bought the songs he was listening to, but he definitely downloaded them for free on his Mac Book.  It's absolutely ironic to ask for earning money fairly, while stealing other people's money for their hard work.
I am addressing this short paragraph to the people who seem to be very shallow with their knowledge of the incidents that took place in Wall street, and especially to Fox and Ronald. It is as if you are surrendering to media. Mr. Fox, as your name implies, you might have been following what Fox News have been reporting recently. Well, I will tell you something that is worth your time. If you're uncertain of the information you receive, do not spread it! Watching two television channels that highly support capitalism is not enough for you to start giving away judgments. We leave our jobs for a couple of days only to redeem what we have lost in all of the years of our work. Since you believe the country is so 'free', then why are you accusing us of doing what we have to in order to retain our dignity? As a person participating in these protests, I am insulted and offended by the false accusations of drug dealing, stealing and rape that you have associated with us. Taking something that happens every day and applying it to this one day is just a way of you telling us that you have no evidence of what actually happens in Wall street. Get your facts straight before pointing your hands towards others. You too, Ronald, it is hard for me to believe that your generalizations have come in the way of accusing us, the 99%, with such false dilemmas. Yes,...

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