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Facebook’s Impact On Its Users Essay

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Facebook might allow users to obtain positive stimuli from other users, but it also then leads users to expose their personality to the whole world. Andrea Shea of Boston’s NPR station, says that “elements of our personality are probably going to shine through” when we use Facebook to post status updates of ourselves. This means that the more a user posts and talks on Facebook and social media alike, the more bigger his/her audience is to know his/her personality, this is not really a good thing, because if a wide range of people know about the user’s personality, then there won’t really be that much a person can share with someone else face to face, because its already on Facebook.
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Not only is this process stressing, but it also leaves the user becoming self obsessed. Users that are able to productively use Facebook therefore don’t need to worry about trying to present a “perfect” image of themselves (Shea). Users like to present a “perfect” image of themselves because they socially compare themselves with their friends (Shea).
Another reason why users are unhappy is because of how they are using Facebook. Although users do use Facebook in a productive and active manner, it’s important to note that most do not. Austrian researcher Christina Sagiogolou, says that “it is passive consumption of other people's information that is considered a waste of time and thereby lowers our mood” (qtd. in Jaffe) The kind of engagement you have with friends on Facebook is not truly “active.” It’s too superficial. You aren’t really “engaged” with your five hundred friends on Facebook. Hamburger states that “people who feel a discrepancy between the social interactions they have and those that they desire tend to spend more time observing other people’s interactions” (Hamburger). By literally watching what others do online and mainly on Facebook users get sucked into the lives of others and might build a constant habit of observing the status update and posts of their friends. Watching someone else’s life on Facebook can not only make users jealous and envious of their friends, it can also make users think that their life is not fun either. So to the an extent the user will basically be stuck doing the same activity of watching what his/her friends do on Facebook, if the user does not productively use Facebook.
Furthermore users become passive because of social media and content they consume. Due to the...

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