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Facebook's Public Privacy Essay

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Madi PethickKeyEnglish 1302.INT23 July 2014Facebooks Public Privacy.Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the biggest known social networks on the internet. The main purpose is really to help its users to make connections, from meeting new people to finding old friends, creating a way for the entire world to stay connect with (along with the "occasional" game request). With that much of the world at anyone's fingertips, one would assume that the privacy policy for such a site would be ironclad super protective, but maybe that is just what Facebook wants. Today, users are led to believe that as long as they have their privacy settings set to "only friends" or "friends of friends", those are the only people who can access their account, but they would be surprised that it does not really stop anyone from viewing anything. The privacy level of Facebook keeps decreasing each year, while Mark Zuckerberg's possesses he privacy we all deserve, and who is to say that that even when the account is deactivated and erased from Facebook, that all of the information follows suit. Facebook puts out claims that it is improving its privacy setting a little at a time, but in reality, if it has been posted, someone will be able to find it. Nothing anyone posts on Facebook is safe.Something Facebook hides well is the fact that anything anyone posts on the website is basically accessible to any person, if they are willing to search for it. Policemen for emergency matters can view any information they require, it is even up for grabs for future employers as well. No matter what privacy setting is selected, someone, some way, will be able to see it. The New York Times states that "Facebook is a personal vault…" everything someone does, where they live, where they are at that moment and where they have been, any personal information they bothered to fill out is right there, at the fingertips of the world, just yearning to be discovered. Strangers are able to find and see just about anything and can easily take advantage of that, either turning it into something good or something very drastic. Facebook does make it clear that its users can narrow down who can fully see their profile, which is true to an extent: "…you cannot entirely opt out of Facebook searches. Facebook, however, does let you fine-tune who can see your 'likes' and pictures, and, to a lesser extent, how much of yourself to expose to marketers." (Sengupta) As much as Facebook and Zuckerberg would like to say that they are changing their policies for the better, Robert Cringley would rather say that "Zuckerberg means the modifications to user privacy settings…made Facebookers' information more easily accessible by Google et al. by default." Obviously, it is safe to say that there is information people really are not concerned with, just like there are things that could absolutely devastate someone in terms of who can see it. Zuckerberg's profile (unless the name belongs...

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