Facebook: The Ugly Success Essay

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Facebook: The Ugly Success
The story of Facebook is a compelling one. It shares the genius and courage it takes to create a technological masterpiece. During The Social Network, a film based upon the lives of the three founding members of Facebook, the audience delves into the desperation of Mark Zuckerburg, trusting nature of Eduardo Saverin, and the cunningness of Sean Parker. These characters are creative individuals whose remarkable intellectual attributes are emphasized throughout the film. The motion picture was a slightly dramatized overview of the timeline of the three founders’ experience with the company that is currently priced well over a billion dollars. While the film emphasizes the brilliance of these young adults, it also draws attention to their surprising lack of interpersonal skills that negatively impact their company. Zuckerburg, the main founder of Facebook, has a negative self-concept which harbors insecurities. He also is an ineffective communicator throughout the entirety of the piece. Saverin, the Chief Financial Officer of the company, displays the “Think Win/Win” attitude presented by Stephen R. Covey in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Although he understands the importance of the Win/Win paradigm, he is also an ineffective communicator which results in conflict throughout the film. Parker, the sly, manipulative final founder, was the last individual to become a part of the Facebook creators. He was a benefit to the company because of his incredible networking abilities along with his talent to empower the small Facebook team in order to expand and push the limits of their imagination. Although he empowered Zuckerburg and the Facebook staff, his abilities as a mentor were subpar. He intentionally stirred the pot and negatively influenced Mark Zuckerburg. These three individuals were all young adults that had a vision to create something worth recognizing. While they stumbled through the makings of their new business, they had to incorporate interpersonal skills throughout their experience in order to reach their goals.
Mark Zuckerberg is the first character the audience is introduced to in the film. His quick wit and intellect is undeniable but the next characteristic that is illuminated is his low self-esteem. His low self-esteem is recognizable during the first scene of the movie. His defensive attitude when talking to his girlfriend about Final Clubs that he would like to get a bid from illustrates his view of himself and the view from his peers. Although he is aware of his above average intelligence, he constantly desires recognition from others in his successful endeavors. For example, when he is called to the standards board of Harvard University, he points out the incredibility of the way he crashed the server after just two hours of launching his insulting “FaceMash” program. He then apologizes but immediately asks if he will get any recognition of his ability to poke holes in their...

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