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Facebook Vs. Rhetorical Analysis

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What if you could put your whole life on display for everyone to see? In this decade, such thing is possible with the help of social media sites. If you want to upload pictures, Instagram is available. If you want to write different statuses, Twitter is a step away. If you wanted to do both while interacting with people from across the world, Facebook is the right choice. With the progression of technology and the need for people to show the world who they are, social media sites are becoming increasingly popular. Some people may see this recent boom of social networking as a chance for people to self-brand as well as to present themselves as someone who they are not. As Joel Stein ...view middle of the document...

By using these three appeals, we are able to successfully analyze someone’s Facebook profile.
How many times has one looked at someone’s Facebook profile and made an assumption that someone is a goofball or someone is a serious person? The qualities that make up the judgment of other’s lies within the account user’s ethos. User, Jenna LoBello, shows her ethos in the pictures and education she presents. Her profile picture consists of her and her dog making the same face. This comes off as humorous which may make people see Jenna as a less serious person. Another picture shows Jenna and her friend in a funny pose, making a weird facial expression. Once again this gives off the vibe of humor rather seriousness. In her education section, it shows that she is a student at Arizona State University studying civil engineering. This shows that although her pictures may be less serious, she is a committed student who knows what she wants to do in life. Knowing that engineering is seen as a difficult major, views may analyze this and see that Jenna is a hard worker and cares about her education.
When meeting someone new, in this generation, it is common to look at their Facebook and see if you relate to them. This is where an appeal to pathos steps in. When viewing Jenna’s music and interests, it is easy to tell she’s laid back and calm. In her music section, bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and Tom Petty are shown. People of all different generations can relate to this because these bands were popular in many different decades. In her interests section, there is kayaking, going to the beach, and hiking. These show the viewer the type of things she relates to which can also be relatable to them. Since she was a vegetarian for many years, she demonstrates posts of helping animals. This relates to many users because mostly everyone loves animals. Another post was one for a fundraiser for breast cancer. Many people support this kind of...

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