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Today Facebook is ranked as the second most popular website in the world tailing Google. According to factual website, StatisticBrain.com, Facebook has about 1.3 billion active users every month. These numbers have increased over the past few years making it the number one social media platform by all means. People use Facebook for all kinds of purposes. Some use it to catch-up with their old friends, some use it keep in touch with family members abroad and some even use it to organize events. They reveal their current mood to the world by the so-called “status update”. Posting pictures of themselves or their loved ones from the events they have recently attended or places they’ve visited. ...view middle of the document...

Everything linked to that E-mail account can then be prone to attack.
However, defraud is probably the least of the concern for the victim. If they have their contact information they could be threatened by someone for money or a revenge. Moreover, if the address is included in the about section then the victim could be physically attacked, robbed, kidnapped. For example, a person might put up a status of going on vacation for a week and they have their address on Facebook. A person with bad intentions can use this information to time and plan his burglary which he might not perform otherwise.
Another misuse of the information on Facebook comes with the events that are created on it. Most events are only invite-based, where only specific personal can invite people to the event but some events are open to public. These public events can be joined by anyone and shared with other people on their friend list. According to Mashable.com, “A 14-year-old canceled her birthday party in 2010 after 21,000 people responded to her public Facebook invite”. However, this...

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