Faces In Strategic Places Essay

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Have you ever looked through a magazine, seen flyer, an advertisement etc... with a person being pictured and simply asked yourself WHY the model was used in the way that they were or why a person was used period? After gathering and categorizing my designs from multiple sources, I have come to a majority based on designs which incorporate the deliberate use of people for many particular reasons. My category focuses not only on the aspects of the use of models in designs but also of the underlying strategies and intentions designers use when directing their designs toward their audience as associated with the use of models
Through my collecting and gathering of designs for this project I have noticed that there are many underlying motives and intentions in designs that people don’t see at first glance. Many designs use models to convey an image of what the consumer or intended audience“should” reenact as a lifestyle or a certain way they “should” look. The reason why I used quotations on the word “should” is because there is no absolute definition of being beautiful, physically attractive or obtaining true happiness to one’s unique perspective on an individual level in society. Based on my vantage point of designs I believe I can speak for the majority that it does give a subconscious definition. To support my hypothesis it is very similar to the word association game (If a person says a single word what comes to your thoughts first, but in this case with an instant image). For instance “Breitling”, a watch company, in one of the designs I have collected John Travolta is the first thing you see even before the watch, reason being his face is well recognized and grabs the consumers attention almost immediately; A-lister , high income, sophisticated, professional and successful hence the subconscious definition of happiness.
Based on this aspect of subconscious attraction it reflects on the other collections of design strategy which include using human models or illustrations of people. Many of these designs have particular similarities. It is almost as if there is an orderly step on how we as consumers observe and interpret these ads. It goes as follows as we observe: The model(s), tangible item being advertised and then finally the actual brand name. In most cases of my categorized collection the models are blown up and there is an emphasis on many factors. Size of the model(s) on a single page, celebrity status, expressions, posture, accessories, attire, age, ethnicity etc... As consumers, this is something we almost cannot control but...

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