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Faces Of Evil Essay

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As children, we hear many stories about the interactions between good and evil. Since each story or fable have different characters, the description of evil and good are different from one another. The good character will have different characteristic compared to evil one.
“There are relatively few ways to do good, but countless ways to do evil, which can therefore have a much greater impact on our lives, and the lives of others beings capable of suffering. “ written by Plato.
This saying could be the same for how the characteristics of good and evil effect how we see characters in fairy tales.
Good and evil are different entities, they are opposites and how they are depicted in ...view middle of the document...

Since children are so easily trusting towards creatures and strangers.
Another reason why the wolf is considered evil is because people didn’t know much about them other than their own beliefs. They were not able to control them like dogs, and they were unpredictable creatures. People like the idea of control over their own lives and knowledge.
With people wanting understanding over their lives, they can be deceived easily, just like Eve from The Book of Genesis. This religious story of the first sin has given the snake as well known face of evil and a untrustworthy character.

In popular mythical style video games, evil has a variety of shapes, forms, and looks. The general idea of how they look are different colored skin tone, different color scheme compared to the hero, beastly form, something representing evil, and outer worldly.
One of Nintendo’s popular games Zelda, have represented evil in many styles. A majority of them are grotesque, off putting, have similar characteristic to animals.
Many of the animals that helped create the concept for these characters are lizards,...

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