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Factors And Key Players In The American Revolution

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Rise to Rebellion
The road to independence was a struggle for the American colonists. It marked not only the end of a tyrannical rule by King George, but also the creation of a world power. This voyage to democracy began in Boston, Massachusetts in 1770, after Captain Thomas Preston was accused of commanding his troops to fire on a mob of rioting civilians led by the rebel group the Sons of Liberty. This event, known as the Boston Massacre started one of the greatest uprisings in history. Preston sought out John Adams as his lawyer. Revolutionaries like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and General Thomas Gage all possessed certain qualities that paved the way for what American independence. At first, the disorganized colonies lead to an ineffective demand for rights, but as the atrocities committed by Brittan became increasingly unbearable, the fractured colonies came together to over power this oppression. While many enemies have threatened to divide America, these controversies only served to strengthen our nation and create a resolute bond between all Americans.

Gaining autonomy was not an easy task, nor would King George surrender his control of the precious colonies. The Sons of Liberty finally decided to make a statement; in 1773 they dumped over 300 chests of tea into Boston Harbor in response to Hutchinson declining Samuel Adams request to repeal the tariff on tea.. History knows this event not only as the Boston Tea Party, but one of the first steps towards independence. This act of defiance caused King George to fear losing the new world. In the novel rise to rebellion the author outlines the colonies coming together through dialogue. We’re not alone, John. The other colonies are bringing their people together to debate more than the issues in their own backyards,” (Shaara pg 190) Although the colonies had their own agendas, they all needed one thing: liberty. In 1774 when the continental congress met for the first time this unifying factor was made known to prominent leaders from the thirteen colonies. These men would later use this one simple word, liberty, to craft what we now know as the United States of America.
“As the boundaries between them fell, the people began to understand what Lord North and King George did not; there was a reason to become united. The alarm had been sounded. They had a cause,” (Shaara pg 188) A few key men played increasingly important roles in this unification as the revolution progressed. Benjamin Franklin was a thinker; he came up with numerous ideas and inventions to enhance the lives of the people he served. One encounter that showed his true character was when Franklin received a letter from the People’s Assembly of Massachusetts to be their agent and represent them to the king. When Franklin accepts this offer, he goes to Lord Hillsborough for his appointment and Hillsborough basically said that the letter was wrong. Being a representative of the colonies was Franklin’s way of...

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