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Factors Contributing to the Succes of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing In Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," many factors are combined to make it one of his most wittiest romantic comedies. He addresses several issues at the same time. For example, he addresses the concern of England that Elizabeth had no legitimate heir for the throne in his portrayal of Don Juan. Don Juan is seen as malicious, self-interested and dangerous. This is perhaps a warning to England about the possible actions of an illegitimate heir on the throne.At the same time, Shakespeare examines the nature of love and marriage. He utilizes the two plots between Beatrice and Benedict and Claudio and Hero. While Claudio and Hero have a relationship that is more in line with the current view on marriage and love, i.e. that marriage is a business deal and love is not relevant to such matters, he further explores other options to the current contractual view. To this end, he introduces the notions that people who marry should have a solid commitment to one another as well as great respect for each other. Furthermore, he introduces us to the idea that people in love communicate, sometimes at high decibels. He challenges us to look at the difference between reality and play-acting, specifically in the way courtly love distanced itself from the reality of real love.Claudio and Hero demonstrate the conventional play-acting of love. They do not know one another well, and because of this fact, they misread one another to near fatal ends. Their marriage has been slightly arranged, but is more based on a sexual attraction, which Shakespeare challenges as being adequate for real commitment. Her outstanding qualities are the fact that she is an heiress as well as being available. He on the other hand is very young and gullible. He takes a lie for the truth, with predictable ease. While Beatrice and Benedict have the makings of a true commitment, based on each other's inward qualities, Claudio and Hero have the mere appearance of love and commitment to one another. Shakespeare challenges us to speculate on which union will be the most contented.Hero symbolizes to her father, the hope of great connections and personal gain. If she marries well, it will be a reflection on him. He has little concern for the inward merits of her future husband and less concern for her personal happiness. He is also concerned with the outward appearance of the status quo. To her family, she represents a valuable asset, a family treasure and a bargaining tool. To her class she represents the embodiment of the expected behavior and attitude of women of means. However, without the approval of her father, she can do nothing. To her countrymen, she represents to what degree they will go to assume the appearance of legitimacy, at the expense of examining the true virtues of the individual.These factors are important in Shakespeare's England, because they represent the clamor for a legitimate heir for Elizabeth...

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