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Factors That Affect The Awareness On Environmental Issues: A Case Study At Utem Malacca City Campus

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In June 2012, the smoky haze, attributed mostly to fires burning at Sumatera, Indonesia, had hit Malaysia. The haze was the worst so far in this 10 years, according to Halimah Hassan, director general of Malaysia’s Department of Environment, based on the reading of air pollution index exceeding the dangerous and unhealthy level. (The New York Times, 2013) . After that, in November 2013, a landslide had occured in Cameron highlands and had killed seven persons. According to Harlida Abdul Wahab (2013), lecturer of Universiti Utara Malaysia, the cause of the landslide is due to uncontrolled developing activities in Cameron Highlands. The latest one, worse blood had occured in Kuantan and Kemaman and the factor is the rainwater does not flow naturally due to the development at both areas (Arfa Yunus, 2013). However, nowadays, environmental issues are not only become crucial topic in Malaysia, but also become a great concerns at the international level. The environmental issues is about the problems on the earth's systems and mostly is the result of human mistreatment on the earth. The sequences of these environmental issues show us how important awareness on environmental issues. Thus, we really believe that awareness on environmental issues is crucial to every individual and can avoid or at least minimize the problems.
According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, 2012), environment issues can be defined as issues with negative global environmental impact that are recognized by the scientific community as very important to human well-being.
Some of the factors of the negative environment impacts are the rise of temperature, the greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide emissions by open burning, deforestation, excessive waste, transportation and river pollution. Most of the problems effected from human activity in order to meet their needs which required some development activity that had put the pressure on the earth and the environment. When the pressure exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment, it creates serious problem of the environmental degradation. The environmental problems poses negative impact to man's own survival. Thus, we should realized that, sooner than later, that conservation and improvement of the environment are vital for the survival, and well being of mankind. Plus, we also need to use natural resources of land, air and water wisely to ensure a healthy environment for the present and future generations. If not, our future may not have opportunities to enjoy the resources that we enjoy today.
However, the level of awareness among Malaysian is still low. The research found that Malaysian students knowledge level of environmental issues were 35 %, their knowledge on the fauna and biodiversity was 20.3 % and international environmental treaties 25 %. About 20.2 % of students admitted that they mainly obtain information from the newspapers and televisions. The result indicated and reflected that the knowledge levels...

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