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Factors That Affect The Spending Behavior

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To obtain the needed information and data, the researchers conducted a survey between the selected college students of De La Salle Lipa. This is to gather the needed information on The Factors that Affect the Spending Behavior of a College Student. The researchers made use of Descriptive research method in collecting data and for the questionnaires. Survey questions/questionnaires were used for the collection of information. It was prepared by the researchers in a clear, not too long and simple way for the respondents to further answer with understanding the questions.
The survey questions or the questionnaires were distributed accurately within the campus. The survey questions were fairly distributed to 40 selected college students of De La Salle Lipa. The survey questions mainly looked for the answers on the behavior of students in handling their money matters.
Graph 1


As a carried out outcome, Graph 1 (A) presents how both of the male and female respondents think of spending more than saving. The results of the first survey question shows that 80% agreed that they are spending more money than they can save, and only 20% of the male and female respondents said that they are not spending more than they can save.
For the Graph 1 (B) it can be seen from the table that from the 14 respondents of Financial Management, 85.71% answered ‘Yes’ with the first survey question and only 14.29% answered ‘No’. Within the response of the 9 Accountancy students, 77.78% answered that they are spending more than they can save and 22.22% answered that they were not. Lastly, from the 17 respondents of Marketing Management students, 76.47% answered ‘Yes’ and only 23.53% answered ‘No’.
One of the reasons why students spend more money than saving it can be viewed by Norvilitis & MacLean (2010) findings that students depend hard enough with their parents financial support, without even thinking of spending and saving on their own. Based on the result, a large number of respondents said that they are spending more money than on how much they can save and agreed that their allowance is enough money to buy the things they need.
Graph 2

The researchers also asked the respondents on how they think their allowance is enough for all their needs. The table can be found above (Graph 2).
The results of the second question point out that a large quantity of the respondents coming from the both male and female respondents agreed that their allowance is enough for all their needs. And only some of the respondents are having lack of allowance to spend on their needs.
As what can be seen from the Graph 2 (B), 57.14% of the 14 respondents from Financial Management agreed that their allowance is enough for all their needs and 42.86% said that their allowance is not enough for all their needs. From the 9 respondents of Accountancy, 55.56% said that their allowance is enough for all their needs and 44.44% disagreed. It can also be seen that 82.35% of the...

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