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Factors That Influence The Academic Performance

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Education is the most important treasure that a certain student could eternally receive. According to Steve (2014) ; “ Education prepares us for an unknown, uncertain future, and conformity, convention, and a lack of creative thinking and action will not serve us to face the future.” Most parents send their children to good schools not only to learn but also to be able to build up their talents and skills. Some talents are already what we call “inborn” but some are not. When a student developed their talents they would be able to prove everyone their worth. Mostly, a person only performs because they want to bear out something while others just choose to be seated, let go and be contented thought they know they can do better. For some, to be able to perform is a great opportunity that they never stop to seek for something better. Indeed, this only proves that man’s desire to excellence and faultlessness is unending. Their only reason why they wanted to achieve perfection is for them to hear consideration. They also wanted their performance to be recognized and be praised.
Performance is an act of executing or accomplishing things before an viewers. People lived to perform. (Why do People form? , 2009) ; “The reason some people want to perform is that they want to transform themselves. They don't want to be "who they are" but they want to add elements to their self-constitution that can only be defined as "for an audience." For them, to perform is not only about their obsession and desires. Performance isn’t only apprehension on the one who performs but also on the estimation of the audience. There are different kinds of performance. One of these is the class performance. Generally, class performance talks about the everyday activities done by the students in the four-corners of the room. It is simply about how well a student accomplishes undemanding task in their room. This class performance is a good form of guidance for students. Basically, a performance in the classroom can help the students in developing not only their academic aspect but also the other aspects of life. By doing well during class, one’s capability to stand out and to be developed into a well-balanced student can perceived.
There are lots of factors affecting the class performance of a student. The teachers who acts as facilitators or coaches use interactive deliberations and “hands-on” approaches to help student learn and apply concepts, can help uphold the performance of the students. They also use artistic approaches by using “props” to help the students comprehend intangible concepts, solve problems and develop grave thinking processes which give way to improvement of one’s achievements. Student easily excels academically through these things mention earlier. As the learning becomes more open and so is the achievement of the students become helpful. This student’s capability to comprehend and to answer the exploration of the teachers does not rely to...

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