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Facility Layout Essay

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KIA showroom has combined by retail layout, office layout and process-oriented layout. KIA shows the free-flow design on retail layout as shown in the figure above. Look at the part of number one is showroom of car models. The customers can freely stroll in the showroom to observe the cars which are set up in the showroom. According to the showroom manager, Mr Mohammed Wasfi, they just set up maximum of two cars in the showroom that was want to let the customers can get more space to move and observe the car with easily.
Moreover, KIA also show the process-oriented layout which is provide services such as repair the car, car fixed check-up on after sales. Look at the number twelve is the workshop to perform the maintenance. Furthermore, the most design using in KIA showroom is office layout. There have showroom manager office, administration office, service manager office and the reception counters. The office layout can get more productive toward the ...view middle of the document...

They are don’t have any authority to make change, layout are all require by headquarter based on their CSI. Besides that, service department have included the service manager office and workshop.
While the layout has to show that the design of KIA’s showroom is very nice but still got problem feedback by the workers themselves. According to the salesman, Manley and Alex, they have to giving a similar request that been receiving a lot of feedback and complaint from customers. First, the layout on showroom is just one entrance only. That is very dangerous when there is happen the fire. Moreover, there is lack of parking lot for the customers which are not enough the parking lot when the showroom held the fair. Third, the building structure makes them have a trouble. For example, the sun light will pass through the glass wall then the indoor of showroom will feel that very hot. Besides, the roof is too high, so that the air conditional will follow the high of roof then combined with the others reasons impact the whole showroom become hotter.
However, according to the salesman, Manley, the layout is not only the showroom that also consider on the location. The location of KIA’s showroom is stay at P. Ramlee Road. The in front of showroom was staying a traffic lights, it will influence the customer flow if there always tend to have a busy traffic. Moreover, there also have the blockage from trees and advertisement board. Sometimes, the people can easily missed out the showroom and have a U turn to get back to it.
Accept a few of interview from the workers, KIA’s showroom face the problem with location. However, there cannot expand already because there is no more places can to. So, we suggest KIA move out and change the location to solve the problem of location. About the parking lot problem, it cannot be expand anymore parking lot to the customers because there are limited places to do. About the problem of the hot surrounding in the indoor of showroom is a physical problem but the design cannot change because it should be follow the company identity. The design of showroom for KIA is the same as others country. The design cannot make change which is should follow the company identity, so the showroom really can move to other locations which is better than the showroom of P. Ramlee Road.

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