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GROUPS AND /OR TEAMS ARE THE ONLY SOLUTION TO CHALLENGES FACING ORGANISATIONS IN THEIR QUEST FOR EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS. DISCUSSA group/a team can be defined as people with complementary skills who come together with a common purpose, performance goals and a similar approach in reaching the organizational goals and objectives. Often the words teams and groups are used interchangeably, their difference is not so fundamental, though according to Handy (1993) there is one key difference between the two, he states that groups are made of a number of people who are thrown together to perform tasks and whereas teams consist of a number of people who are carefully selected and integrated to work together. A team can also be said to be a group of individuals who work together to produce products or deliver a service for which they are all accountable for. They share the goals. Their accomplishment is interdependent on each and every member, teams vary in size but are between 2-20 members Macgraw and Dunford (1987). A team can be described again as a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Teams vary in that they can be temporary or permanent in a business structure depending on the needs of the organization. Murray et al (1996) states that the teams have the characteristics of joint accountability, common goals and interdependence.Armstrong (2011:369,370) "Organisations consist of people working together, groups teams exist when a number of people work together or regularly interact with one another" He states that organisations consists of people working together with regular interactions to one another. Employees in groups have regular contact and interaction with each other because they share a common interest at work. Teams can be formal/ traditional or informal, the formal/traditional are the departments or functional areas, they are led by supervisors or managers appointed by the organization to spearhead the function of the groups. Whereas the informal groups are formed usually in social circles, their leaders differ into hat sometimes there is no leadership at all. In this case we will discuss the formal groups those that exist in organizations and to a lesser extent the informal ones which also exist within the organization and play a pivotal role in the function and the performance of employees.Schein (1980) also defined a group in psychological terms as any number of people who interact with each other, and are psychologically aware of each other's existence and perceive themselves to be a group. They purposefully interact towards the achievement of particular goals and aims for the benefit of the organization. Luthans (2008) states that in social psychology it has been concluded that groups/teams have a positive impact on the employee behavior. Employees in groups/teams are likely to behave in a positive...

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942 words - 4 pages . Location and Population size Establishment of the Burrows Healthcare Facility will be in the Eastern Jefferson county serving up to around 20,000 residents of the County. Demographics and Area Population Burrows healthcare will offer a range of comprehensive primary care, health promotion, individual and community capacity building and service integration activities diversely across Jefferson with a prominence on priority populations

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2259 words - 9 pages an integral role in developing and managing a built facility and therefore it has to be defined with regards to the concept of FM. The development of a new HTL facility always starts with the owner's vision of the end product, what kind of service will be offered and which markets served.This vision is then translated into a mission statement and into objectives assisting in achieving the mission.The mission statement of the redeveloped London

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