Facing My Fears (Of Graduation) Essay

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Facing My Fears (of Graduation)

    Here it is, late in the school year, and what have I accomplished?  I have been living in a fantasy world for the past three and a half years.  The best years of your life right?  Says who?  I am not going to deny the fact that I have had the time of my life, but for what?  Where am I ?

    What is college anyway?  Is it a preparation for the "real" world?  I guess it depends on what you think the real world consists of.  If you see the world as a never ending party filled with blood shot eyes and hangovers, coffee with extra shots of espresso and lost homework assignments, late rent and stacks of dirty dishes, parking tickets and MIP's, tailgating and basketball games, all nighters and pizza, then college is definitely a pre party for your future.  In my case, I find college to be an illusion to the life that I will lead in a mere five months.

    With graduation quickly approaching, I feel lightheaded and queasy: a similar feeling to a morning after the bar. All the fears, anxieties, and questions that I was hoping would be eliminated are instead being illuminated.  Sure, maybe I have learned how to pay bills and do my own laundry.  Maybe I even feel a bit more mature, bit that's about it.  I guess I just always had a preconceived notion that at the end of my college term, all the answers would appear on my doorstep, or maybe in one of those all famous University E-mails.  Well, not even pilot has helped me out on this one.  After all this preparation, I still feel like the beach ball ball being passed around aimlessly among the crowd at a home football game.

    Not only am I still as confused as most of the...

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