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Facing The Screen: Charges Dropped Or Withheld

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Everyone in America likely has a bullying story, whether as the victim, bully or as a witness.
From the controversy of same sex marriage, legalizing marijuana, and even the frightening new thought of a more desensitized and monstrous generation comes the swirling endless topics for government officials to take into consideration. Recently among all the politics arising is a far more heightened concern on cyber bullying and what there is to prevent it, or even what to do after it is caught happening. Legislators from the federal and state level are now trying to figure out if the cyber bullies should be charged with felonies, or adult level charges, or should it be treated on a more teen ...view middle of the document...

The case starts out with a simple four words “can you die please?” (Bazelon) that ultimately tipped little twelve year old Rebecca Sedwick of florida over the edge. Ultimately there could be cases in which adolescents are pushed to their limits and harmful, demeaning, actions could occur.
Even though victims could take extreme measures when they are bullied, teens shouldn’t be charged cyberbullying because victims can go to helplines or even supporters in their communities. “Proper education will hopefully help open students’ eyes to these consequences so they do not end up as the next unfortunate headline.” (Giordano) Many teens have never had the opportunity to take simple education on bullying or what to do if they become a sudden victim of somebodys online vent session. In New Jersey public schools starting in 2015 the curriculum will now include a class or more on bullying prevention and the proper uses of social media. Also another new addition to helping young adolescents through the tough stage of being a teenager are school resource officers. SRO Jaime Garcia said “It went from fighting to small gang situations to drugs. Now we’re having cyberbullying.” (Clark) Another example that shows victims can go to helplines and supporters in their community is the numerous amounts of helplines out on the internet or in the phonebook. There are places such as to help teach the ways internet can be used constructively not destructively. Also there are suicide helplines for teens to call without being criticized, and they are only met with helpful suggestions and open ears. Phone Book or TV ads are filled with suicide helplines and other places to go if adolescents are in need of help, or even feeling the blackness of depression creeping around them.
The most important reason teens shouldn’t be charged for cyber bullying is because role models can teach adolescents how not to let their self-esteem become damaged from mass media or cyberbullies. “Support. Reassure your child of their abilities and qualities to boost their self-esteem” (Parent to Parent) Supporting a child’s decision and showing them they are important can make all the difference. Many days it can be the difference between them having a bad day to them walking with their head up all day long. Teens often express an emotion of not caring, but when shown a little faith and confidence in...

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