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Facing Up To Childhood Obesity Essay

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According to the national child measurement program, one-third of children in the U.S are overweight or obese. “Adequate studies also show that by the year 2050, that number could rise to an alarming two-thirds of children” (Phillips). With the increasing number of children becoming obese, I think that everyone can agree that this is a rising problem in our society. Parents need to understand that providing nothing but processed foods and sugary snacks, is not a good example to set for their kids. These kids are at risk for heart disease, type 1 diabetes and a vast number of diseases that negatively impact their life. Your foundation should fund my Public Service Announcement because I will guide parents into making better choices by giving them examples of how better health choices and being active can aid in preventing obesity in children.
Every day I see children that are obese and I wonder how these kids became this way. You couldn’t tell today, but back in my childhood days I was one of those “obese” kids and it brings me back to how I became that way. When I was about nine years old my parents got a divorce and once that happened I became very lazy and unhappy. I didn’t go out and play with my friends as much and it probably didn’t help that my dad wasn’t much of a cook. He would take me out to Jack in the Box for every meal and would even let me get the large order of curly fries with it too. After a few weeks of fast food and very little exercise I started to notice not only changes in my body, but changes in my overall health also. To put that into perspective my nieces and I were playing catch with one another and after just a few sprints, I was nearly out of breath. I couldn’t believe what happened to my endurance and it suddenly felt like there was a black cloud over me. This caused me to lose confidence with my friends and caused me to play even less with them and to gain even more weight. After a couple of months of this my mom finally put a stop to it. She told my dad that I could no longer have fast food and that I needed to play outside more so I could get the necessary activity I needed. After cleaning up my diet some and adding exercise back into my life, I started to lose the fat that was added by my daily fast food intake. My parent’s choice to work together really changed my life in a positive way, and helped me get back on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle.
Childhood obesity is serious problem and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. “Childhood obesity goes beyond a cosmetic issue, with the most significant short-term consequences being social and psychological.” There is a range of options for preventing this problem and a vital step needs to be taken. Some of these options are addressing diet and physical activity, emphasizing positive behavior changes and involving family and peer support, all contributing in a positive way. These are just some of the options provided by The Mollen Foundation, which prides...

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