Fact, Myth, And A Little History On Coca Cola Products

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What are all of the myths of soda? There are many theories and myths about soda and what it does to people by itself, or mixed with other things once ingested. Have you ever heard someone tell you that Mountain Dew lowers a man's sperm count? Or if you take an aspirin, then chug Coke really fast it will make you high? There are many questions out there on the issue and I am here to find out what is fact, and what is myth, along with giving you some history, to help better understand why things every came into question.
In 1999, people across the country were in turmoil about the question; “Does Mountain Dew (make in the Coca-Cola factory), really lower sperm count?” Some were scared to ...view middle of the document...

After much controversy about cocaine being in Coca-Cola, the founder, Candler had named the product so specific, that he thought it wrong to take the coca leaves completely out of the product. Up until 1902 they do not have any idea how much cocaine was in Coca-Cola, but in 1902 there was as little as 1/400 in a grain of cocaine per ounce of syrup. So are there still very small traces of cocaine left in our Coca-Cola today? The answer is no, Coca-Cola became completely cocaine free in 1929.
Coca-Cola became well known in World War II. Dr. John S. Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola agreed to quench the thirst of the soldiers. So they wouldn’t have to ship the product so far, they created factories everywhere to ensure the soldiers were always “within reach” of the product. As a result, the Coca-Cola name was becoming more and more well-known, and popular to others. Conveniently, there were already factories scattered about, so most of the work was already done. As you can see in the picture below, and everywhere you look in a gas station or grocery store, Coca-Cola has come a very long way from Dr. John S. Pemberton’s small lab.

It is very normal for a company so big to have many rumors and myths about it, but Coca-Cola products seem to have really taken the hits. Coca-Cola is a world-wide company and is one of the most popular products. But some of the things people have managed to come up with about Coca-Cola products is...

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