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Factor Influencing In Choosing Partner From Brothers Of Cfsiium Perspective

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In Malaysia, it is a culture that men will initiate the starting of relationship. But the main question is, what is the factor that made them attracted to at the first place? For generations, our mind have been set with an ideology that men have the tendency to choose partners based on the attractiveness of physical appearance compare to the level of intelligence. Brothers who are studying in CFSIIUM are not excluded from this ideology. It was proven by the existence of situation of falling in love at the first sight which focusing on the beauty of a woman than other things. Men is more likely attracted to what they see while women like something that they hear. They also feel more confident when being surrounded by beautiful women. Believe it or not, there are some of the brothers of CFSIIUM that still hold into this typical ideology that has been passed from generation to generation.
After analysing few of article related on this topic, I found that the trend of men of choosing women based on their physical beauty has been changed. Men are said to more facinated with a women give quick response and have bright future. Gibson, (2012) found that "Men, on the other hand, who have traditionally looked for an attractive housewife who can cook and clean and raise children, are more interested in a woman with some intelligence and strong character".
For brothers of CFS IIUM, who are studying in one of the most perstig univertiy in Malaysia,. facing a busy day in student life they might or might not realize, the trend has been changed currently. They never had a time to think or to ask on which factor should them considered in choosing a partner. until one level, they are conpletely in confuse sate and traight away decided the ideology of choosing beautiful woman is a wise decision just because the society also agree wiyh that idea.
On the other hand, it can't be be denied that each man has their own perspective in choosing partner. some might agree with the idea of choosing beautiful partner. beautiful women believed to have a charm in the eyes of men during short meeting period. they also said to be more successful based on the research reviewed that shows attractive people both men and women, earn an average of 3 or 4% more than people with below average looks, which adds up to a significant amount of money over a lifetime. Beautiful people are also hired sooner, get promotion more quickly and high-ranking in their companies. (Hamermesh, 2011).
While others prefer intelligent women. As we know intelligence is a something that can be inherited from our parents. this simultinuesly will produce an intelligent children in the future. Recently a study was published in Journal of Neuroscience, UCLA neurology professor Paul Thomson anf colegues used a new type of brain-imaging scanner to prove that intelligence is...



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