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Factors Essay

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“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” (Albert Einstein). In our world today people are ignorant. They use their imagination too much and their brain too little. They don’t do anything to solve their problems because they think nothing could go wrong. That is where there are wrong. Today lots of people are saying the world won’t reach a carrying capacity, but I disagree. I think the world will reach its carrying capacity before 2100. This will happen for many reasons: Natural Disasters, Wars, too little resources, Diseases, and much more.
Diseases and sickness is a big thing in our world today. Even though we are finding ways to cure and reverse the sickness, we won’t be able to do it forever. Lots of diseases have killed many people before they could find a cure. Smallpox has killed over 3 million people in our world. The Spanish Flu killed 50-100 million people worldwide, and did it in less than 2 years. Black Death killed about 75 million people. Malaria kills about 2 million people a year, and that is still climbing. AIDS has killed 25 million people around the world. Even after that big amount of people dying, we still haven’t found a cure. Cholera has had 8 pandemics and has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Typhus has killed 2-3 million people. These are just some of the many diseases around. Some/ most of these don’t have cures. There is no way of not getting them. Anyone could get it and most times they can’t do a thing about it. This raises death rates when these diseases hit. This brings us closer to the crazy high birth rates, which brings us closer to carrying capacity.
Violence isn’t the answer, it is just a solution, this is a thing my brother used to tell me all the time. I have realized that it is a solution that people resort to all the time. We have had many wars and Battles, and there are more to come. If we didn’t have all these wars and battles, we would have a bigger population. The American Revolution had 25,000 casualties, in 8 years. The Civil War had 625,000 casualties and that is the amount we know of, there could be a lot more. Both, World War 1 and World War 2 combined have 512,915 casualties. These are just some of the many Wars, and some of the many deaths. We have had a huge amount of people dying because we can’t agree on simple things....

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