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Factors Affecting Community Development Essay

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Empowering communities is an important part of health promotion, but it is quite hard to implement the concept of culture and empowerment within a working health promotion programme (Laverack, 2003). Culture cannot be defined in any one single definition, culture can be shared, taught, and is passed down from one generation to another (Kreuter, Lukwago, Bucholtz, Clark & Sanders-Thompson, 2003). Culture is viewed as a group’s values, norms and simply just the way of life (Kreuter, Lukwago, Bucholtz, Clark & Sanders-Thompson, 2003). Many different models have been established which incorporate different values and beliefs of different cultural groups; these models incorporate the key ideas and principles of community development and overall health in regards to the specific cultures. Culture also has a huge impact on community development and also aids in the empowerment of the community (Williams, 2004). As health promoters it is important to understand the values and beliefs of other cultures, and use those values and beliefs to empower and develop communities. Health promoters need to understand the key principles of community development, how culture impacts community development and also have a clear understanding about the Treaty of Waitangi, and use the Treaty of Waitangi in health promotion practise (Kreuter, Lukwago, Bucholtz, Clark & Sanders-Thompson, 2003).
Community development can vary between communities, due to differences in culture, beliefs, values, and a range of other different factors which effects community development. There are still a few principles of community development which ultimately remain the same no matter where or what cultural beliefs a community may have. Within a health promotion context when working within communities it is important to build an effective partnership with the community (Bracht & Tsouros, 1990). In order to build a strong community, principles such as empowerment, equality, self-determination, participation and partnership need to be practised within community development (Scottish Executive, 2004).
Empowerment within a health promotion context provides members of the community to impact the issues and decisions made within community development (Laverack, n.d.). Creating equality is also essential in communities. Insuring that equality is maintained, the identification of those who need extra help within a community is important (Scottish Executive, 2004), so programmes can be put in place to maintain equality within the community. Self-determination is another essential principle that should be encouraged during community development, as self-determination supports individuals to having the rights to make decisions for themselves (Scottish Executive, 2004); in a health promotion context self-determination needs to be practised, the community has the right to help make decisions so an appropriate programme can be put in place to strengthen the community. Lastly and most importantly are the...

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