Factors Affecting School Culture And Climate

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The aim of my study is to find the importance of School Culture in the development of future of the students studying in a school. In the past years, many studies has been done by different people to find the role of school culture in the life of students, teachers and parents.
First of all, what is School Culture
“School Culture is the set of norms , values and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies , symbols and stories that make up the ‘persona’ of the school “ says by Dr. Kent .D. Peterson , a professor in department of educational Administration at the university of Wisconsin-Madison.
According to Gary Phillips, School culture is “beliefs ...view middle of the document...

Students get along well with teacher. Teachers help the student in any kind of difficulty related to them and they care about students.
2) School connectedness:-School provide students an extra period during the day so that students would take an additional academic class in the area they have interest like art, music, speech etc. and school faculty provide rewards to students for their appreciated work .
3) Academic support:-Proper support is provided to the students about doing their homework assignments. Teachers make clear students what they need to do to get better grades. Students also show interest in succeeding the class.
4) Order and Discipline:-equal rules are set for all students. The punishment can be given if any student does not follow the rule of school. Teacher explains in detail about order and discipline of the school.
5) School physical environment:-School building must be pleasant and well maintained. It must be clean and tidy. School grounds are kept clean.
6) School Social Environment:-Social environment of the school must be good.
7) Perceived Exclusion/Privellege :-The same person is not always gets the help of the teacher. Same kid cannot be chosen every-time to take part in special activities. Same person is not use things like computers, piano, etc.
8) Academic satisfaction:-amount of tests and homework provide to the students is according to the capabilities of their age group. No burden is put on the students.
These are the factors which affect the culture of the school and climate of the school.
Now here are some views given by different people on school culture and climate.

Firstly, In journal “International Journal of Leadership Education: Theory and practice” the article “The effects of school culture and climate on student achievement” published in volume 12 of 2009 explained that School culture is the most important aspect of school because students learning and achievements are directly influenced by the culture of the school. That means there is a closer relationship between school culture and student learning. Paying attention to the culture is the most important action that a Principal or Leader of the school can perform. It is the duty of the Principal that he himself first understands the culture of the school before implementing any new change in the school.
BULACH (1999) stated that” a leader must identify a school’s existing culture before attempting to change it”.
Taylor and Williams (2001), argued that as accountability through tests has become a threat, school Principals need to work on long term cultural goals in order to strengthen the learning environment.
It is written in the article that when an organization has clear understanding of the purpose that why it exists and what it must do and who it should serve, the culture will ensure that things work well and when there are complex patterns of values, behavior and attitudes etc. in an organization, then the culture will ensure...

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