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Factors To Be Considered When Planning To Fill A Vacancy And Carrying Out Interviews

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Key Recruitment Documents and Factors to be Considered When Planning to Fill a Vacancy and Carrying Out Interviews

In the Human Resource Management process first Marks and Spencer's
would use Human Resource Planning (H.R.P) this looks at how many
employees the business will need in the future, as well as the type of
employee that will be required e.g. graduate trainees, skilled-manual
and supervisors. H.R.P. also ensures that the 'right' employee is in
the 'right' job, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the

After H.R.P the business can then go through the process of
recruitment and selection of new employees.

The first task that needs to be done is that a job description needs
to be written, this outlines the job title, and also the tasks and the
responsibilities that the successful applicant will have to cover.
Once this has been written, a job specification needs to be written,
this goes into more detail than a job description, as it also entails
the physical and mental characteristics that the successful/desirable
applicant should acquire. This includes elements of their level of
intelligence, their character and their interests.

The Human Resource Management department will then to advertise the
job using a variety of mediums so that their position gets as many
applicant as possible so that there is more chance if the right person
for the right job. A few if the mediums that they could place it in
are the newspapers, job centres, job agencies, the Internet, radio,
and internal notice boards, in order to get as many people as possible
to apply for the post. The advert should include the hours of work,
pay and fringe benefits e.g. a company car, the job title, the
relevant experience and qualifications that are required, and a
contact name and address.

The job may be advertised within the business as well as externally as
they could already have the right person for the job inside the
business this is an advantage to the business if that person is
successful because less training and induction period will be needed
and also they will know how the business is run, as well as far less
time and money being spent on the whole process. Although saying this
if a job is taken from inside the business then they will have to
start the process again to fill that applicants former job.

Applicants will send a letter stating why they think they are good for
the job and their desire for it. The H.R.M department then needs to
send out application forms, and request a Curriculum Vitae (CV) from

It is vitally important that the application form is made so to suit
the specific position that is being advertised, it will need to entail
relevant questions, which are, legal, inoffensive and essential to
find out the information they will need about...

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