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Causes Of Crop Circles : With Out View Point (Most Possible Explanations)

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Crop Circles and their Unknown CausesSince I saw the movie ?Signs? a few years ago, my interest for crop circles greatly increased. In the movie, aliens who used the formations as a map attacked the earth. The suspenseful story line made me think whether this theory could be true, and if we may one day be under attack as in the movie. When I approached my friends for their opinions, I was surprised to find many conflicting theories in attempt to explain the crop circles occurrences. The reasons for creating the pictograms vary greatly because of different evidence found by researchers. This paper discusses the different causes for crop circles that people have made and the evidence which leads to their conclusions. Even though many different hypotheses exist that attempt to prove them, the ancient geometric circles remain an unsolved mystery.The earliest recorded crop circles date farther than most people assume. Many pictograms have been found centuries ago, but the formations are most prevalent in recent times: ?Simple flattened circles have been reported occasionally in southern England since the 1600s, by the mid- 1969s they were increasing in number? (Levengood, 1). A peasant who claimed to have seen people with cloven feet dancing in a circle and then disappearing into thin air was the first detailed recording of a crop circle in the 1950?s. ?Upon closer investigation, he saw a group of people dancing in a circle in the field? he saw that some of them had cloven feet? (Andrews 38). In 1678 there was another account of a crop circle, but this time a farmer claimed to have seen the Devil mowing his crops: ?The local people speak of a fiery devil coming out of the sky and cutting a circle in a field of oats? (39). In the early years of the 20th century, the shapes of the pictograms were nothing more than simple circle. Over the years the patterns developed into much more complex designs. ?By the late 1980s, [the circles] not only numbered in the hundreds each summer, but had reached a level of design complexity which included not only circles and rings, but triangular and rectangular areas with associated pathways (Levengood and Talbott, 1). The turning point of the crop circle mystery occurred when the media began broadcasting the reporting of formations. ?Since they began to capture media attention in the mid 1970s, and to proliferate and evolve through the decades of the 1980s and 1990s, crop circles have provided mystery and controversy? (Nickell (1), para 1). The media attention was significant because the public started to have an interest for the mysterious crop designs, and scientists began creating investigations in order to explain their occurrence.The scientific experiments done on crop circles lead to different theories in an attempt to explain the causes of their occurrence. ?The more the circles began to appear, the more frenzied speculation about their cause became? (?Crop Circle Hoaxes?, para 1). Particular evidence supports...

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