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Causes Of War: Social And Economic

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In his new article "The Cause of War and a Solution" Zimmerman states about the reality and source of warfare referring it as conflict:Where do these external conflicts come from? Every human being is functioning from inner conflicts.The cause of these inner conflicts are our nature. The brain, and its physical and functional aspects, is a compartmentalized structure . … The results of compartmentalization of the brain is that it competes with itself. That is one aspect of brain vies for dominance over another part of the brain. For example, we each have ideas within us that conflict. Also, we have desires that conflict. This inner state of conflict is continuous and manifests itself in conflict between persons, groups and nations. (n.d., para. 5)Warfare's existence starts with humans' existence as it can be seen as the nature of human beings. Every person has an idea about these conflicts, but what is the reality lying behind the war besides its being nature of mankind? Actually there are numerous reasons of war however two of them stand out: social reasons and economic reasons.First cause of warfare is social. It can be categorized in two groups. To begin with, national cause is an important factor since every nation wants to be governed by itself and do not admire the idea of living under the wings of others. First part of national causes has been frequent in multinational countries which is to rebel against your own government. For example, during 19th and 20th century Ottoman Empire had to tackle with Greece, Bulgarian, Arabian etc. However, eventually, everyone of them got their freedom back by rebelling their own government. Another reason is to defend the national honor and freedom. For instance, Czech Rebuplic have been dealing with Russia and denying them to give any of their lands. Second cause is religional. In the first place, to fight for religion and to make it heard and accepted all over the world was very familiar. This type of causes, for instance, were very common during the times of prophets since they were obliged to plead their religion such as Jesus and his twelve apostles. In the second place, defending or getting holy places accoding to their religion has been valued as a sacred mission. Every one of nations with religional unity wants to have these regions. To illustrate, the purpose of Crusades was to get Jerusalem. Another exemplification is that since the construction of Kaba, Mecca's oblivions witnessed many wars to secure or protect Kaba which is holy in the religion of Islam.Second cause of warfare is economic. Money-oriented cause is the common one since money has been given the meaning of might since dark ages. First of all, every powerful country and even less powerful...

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