Causes For The American Revolution: From Baby Steps To Strides

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"This is not a rebellion, this is a mass awakening." The Catholic priest Don Andrea Gallo gave these words in reference to the protests of July 2001; however, his words also describe America in the 1700's. A mass awakening is exactly what incited a soon to come rebellion from Great Britain. One such awakening, appropriately named the Enlightenment, was what truly initiated the revolution.If the reason behind the American Revolution is considered a puzzle, the Enlightenment opened a box to reveal the pieces. The Enlightenment was characterized by the belief that the world was a logical, orderly place. The mood had changed, and now there was more emphasis on logic and reason rather than tradition and unquestioning religious tenets. The belief in an omnipresent Church of England declined with the decay of the importance of religion in everyday life. Even more notably, the thoughts circulating via the Enlightenment led to the thought that people ultimately control their own fate. This, blended with the belief in manifest destiny, led to a poised mood throughout the Americans. The colonists began to stray away from Great Britain.In August of 1763, another rebellion was emerging. Directly following the French-Indian War, the Ottawa Chief Pontiac led a mutiny by the Natives of the Ohio River Valley. The Natives were angered by the absence of the more conciliatory French. However, King George wanted to keep peace with the Natives and generously issued the Proclamation of 1763. The Proclamation gave all land east of the Appalachians to the Natives and restricted the colonists to the west of the mountains. The colonists were exceedingly irritated; it was a blatant challenge to their (manifest) destiny. What the colonists saw was a rebellion being rewarded. The colonists were displeased with Great Britain.The French-Indian War led to Great Britain reevaluating their relation with the colonies. They hadn't ever been too strict with the colonies or stringently enforced their laws. Flourishing American trade was making Britain a powerful and wealthy nation and so they had been lenient. However, during the war, Britain worried about the lack of wartime cooperation by the colonists and suspected that they took advantage of the war to up their own political power. The colonies were now virtually independent. Some even argued that it was the colonists who started the war; saying they were eager to expand and moved into French territory. Coincidently, Britain had a 140 million pound war debt. There was no other viable solution other than taxing the colonists, and enforcing it, even if they were 3,000 miles away.That is just what Britain did; they imposed more taxes on the colonies, who were indeed under the protection of British Troops. The colonists didn't see it in the same light as Great Britain and passionately opposed. Britain first issued the Sugar Act and the Currency Act of 1764. A reaction came on May of 1764; James Otis raised the issue of taxation...

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Causes of the American Revolution Essay

971 words - 4 pages The American Revolution was a very complex situation with no one single cause. Like many of the major shifts in the global political history, from the Fall of the Roman Empire, to First World War - there was no one single event or driver. This thesis holds true for the American Revolution too. I believe there were several major causes of the American Revolution which included: 1) tighter controls through the laws that British Parliament made

Causes of the American Revolution Essay

583 words - 2 pages the colonists viewed England. The colonists saw a conspiracy to destroy their liberty in British policies. Thus, when the colonists were forming the Declaration of Independence, the main goal was to show the Americans' concern for the importance of liberty. The statement "The primary cause of the American Revolution is economics." is a very strong dictum which can be proved, but the American Revolution also was caused by a

Causes of the American Revolution,

596 words - 2 pages , when the colonists were forming the Declaration of Independence, the main goal was to show the Americans' concern for the importance of liberty.The statement "The primary cause of the American Revolution is economics." is a very strong dictum which can be proved, but the American Revolution also was caused by a restriction of colonial liberty. The majority of the policies that affected the colonists between 1763 and 1776 were economic changes that limited the economic success of the colonies; furthermore, these policies also had negative political influences that led to the American Revolution.

Causes of The American Revolution

1040 words - 4 pages radical ideas. Radical societies were formed to fight against the new acts being instituted by the British. The Sons of Liberty were formed in every colony, and used propaganda, intimidation, and mob violence to prevent the enforcement of the acts. This was a radical group that was formed because of the Revolution in America. American independence in and of itself was a radical idea. The colonies had been established as a money making scheme for

The Causes of American Revolution

2092 words - 8 pages ) They did not discover new ideas after 1763, but held up ideas of the rights of Englishmen which had begun back with the Magna Carta. The route to the American Revolution was based on this unique American character and the lack of understanding, which the British Government had for it. After the 7 years war, England was heavily in debt. This was the most that they’d ever been in debt in their history. Two years before the end of the war King

Causes of the American Revolution

523 words - 2 pages The War for American Independence was not caused simply by only one event. This war was a result from a combination of events that built up rebellion within the colonies. The overall cause of the War for American independence was the fact that the British constantly enforced upon the colonists taxes and regulation. As time went on, the fact that the colonies were thousands of miles away from England caused the colonists to strive for

Causes of The American Revolution

795 words - 3 pages growing number of colonists they will achieve their true goal of independence from Britain. Britain had no respect or liberty, not even an ear to give the colonists and this is what made the colonists turn their backs on the British. The French and Indian War was a significant part in history that was responsible for the American Revolution. This war changes the ties of the colonists to Britain politically, economically and ideologically. Britain pushed their power too far with the colonists and they soon gained enough control to gain their freedom and fight back against their “Mother of Monarchy”.

Causes of the American Revolution

718 words - 3 pages area. They had a rule of salutary neglect, which is a policy of non-interface allowing the colonists to do as they wish. The people who supported this rule are called Patriots. This term will be heard throughout the cause of the American Revolution. The Beginning French and Indian War The British were at war with the French leaving them with huge debts. The British were scrambling for options so they placed taxes on the colonists. The colonists

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1087 words - 5 pages There was many factors that led the colonists to declare their independence from Great Britain. One bold factor that really made them mad was taxation without representation. Taxation is the act of taxed, but what were they being taxed for? While Great Britain and France were fighting over the empire between 1754 and 1763 let Great Britain in great dept. They didn't only have to worry about paying off the dept but their new territory between the

Causes of the American Revolution - 820 words

820 words - 4 pages parliament did in fact, have a right to tax the colonies. This would cause the colonists of America to start a resistance against the British, and perhaps it would be the beginning of a chance for independence. During the time of March 1770, the first clash between American and British troops had taken place in Boston. It was only a matter of time before the first gunshot would be heard in Boston. This would all happen when a crowd of American

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991 words - 4 pages The colonists wanted to declare their independence from Great Britain for many reasons. One of the first reasons was because of taxes. In 1750 the colonists had everything that they could want, cheap land, religious tolerance, and economic opportunity. During this time the British had let the Americans govern themselves. At this same time Great Britain was in the French and Indian war. The war had lasted seven long years. In those seven years

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Causes Of The American Revolution Essay

543 words - 2 pages The American Revolution was a dramatic change in the political, social, and economic system of New England. It was not a bloody revolution; on the contrary it is unique because it was not as violence as other revolutions we know (French, Russia and China). The American Revolution had many causes. Long-term social, economic, and political changes in the colonies before 1750 provided the basis for an independent nation with representative

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2016 words - 8 pages put together, add up to a Revolution. However, these great strides, in the advancement of freedom, were indeed made up of just a few small steps. They were just a few decisions made by the motherland, England, which in turn caused reactions from the American colonists, who served to set the stage for this Revolution of the ages. These small political and social maneuvers gained strength as they were tossed back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean

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643 words - 3 pages On July 2, 1776, the second continental congress voted that the American Colonies were free from British influence. (Danzer,102) On July 4, two days later, they adopted the Declaration of Independence. These two events would begin what would become one of, if not the most important events in American History. It began the war of Independence, when America won its right to be free. There were many causes for the American Revolution. However

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674 words - 3 pages THE CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONAmerican Revolution which was from 1775-83, was a struggle by which the Thirteen Colonies on the Atlantic seaboard of North America won independence from Great Britain and became the United States. It is also called the American War of Independence.In 1763, after the French and Indian War, the British King, George III, issued a Royal Proclamation. This proclamation stated that no more settlers were to go on